another opinion please requested for mirrored cabinets

scrappy25August 28, 2014

Mirrored cabinets over the hood : Yes or no?

I have decided to use mirrored (rather than glass, to hide the contents) cabinet fronts on the 3 cabinets fronts to the right of the kitchen window (window is located at the base of the U). I added mirrored fronts on the 2 doors over the hood to the left of the kitchen window to balance out the 3 on the right. Do you think they should stay or be changed to regular fronts? ( It does not work to mirror the cabinet doors beside the range hood, they are too tall and skinny).

It's nervewracking to be signing off and now I am second guessing my prior decisions ugh.

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Fori is not pleased

No. Not there.

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No, I would not think that would work out....does not fit this style all that well

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I can see the appeal of mirror, shine all that light around. But, based on your rendering, readed or seed glass would fit the style better. I woudn't do over the range. I at least wound't really want that to be where my eyes travel when I enter the room. Do put in something you like in the cabinet by the sink. You will see it all the time as you work and it should make you happy.

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ok thanks everyone, I think we have a consensus. Appreciate your help!

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No, not there. The hood is enough and I think I would prefer clutter inside the cabinets or designs in the glass, rather than mirror.

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