Executive vs. Ultracraft vs. Plato - which frameless custom color

amysrqAugust 13, 2014

I am considering three shops who are each offering these brands as their only frameless, custom-color brands. My hunch is that Plato is the highest quality, but how do I know?

If anyone has any thoughts on these brands, either in and of themselves, or relative to each other, I'd be very grateful to hear from you. TIA!

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I have Plato cabinets from their Inovae line in my recently remodeled kitchen. We are very pleased with the quality and the customer service from the company. Is there something specific you wanted to know?

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We just installed Ultracraft cabinets in a medium tone cherry-haven't used it yet as the rest of the kitchen is getting done.
Pros: Love the finish. It is matte and not shiny. and as far as I can tell, the wood quality is great. It came packaged beautifully. No blemishes at all in our small order (15+ cabinets +trim). Turn around time was also great (5-6 weeks). You can also customize heights and widths at no extra charge. So we were able to utilize every little bit of our small space.
Cons: They are $$ especially compared to Innermost or Holiday line of frameless cabinets. The plywood bottoms on their drawer stacks are 1/4" only irrespective of the width. They are fully captured bottoms though ( their terminology not mine, ha ha!). I am a little skeptical about loading up my pots and pans in them but have been assured by KD that if there should ever be a problem, Ultracraft will stand behind their product.

Let me know if you would like any other specific info. I am not familiar with the other lines that you mention. I would suggest you do a comparison on each feature. I actually made an excel sheet and compared every manufacturer that I was interested in.

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We've had Ultracraft for 7 years and love them. Every bit as wonderful as day one. We have loaded the pots and pans on the pullout drawers with no problems. We haven't had to use their warranty but I understand it's for 100 years. We have Norcraft elsewhere in the house and you can tell the difference. No experience with Plato.

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golfergirl, I am glad to hear that your pots and pans drawers have no problems after all this time. I can probably stop obsessing over weighing the contents before putting them in. :-)

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Thanks everyone.

CK, I am just trying to line these up in terms of quality. When I speak with one cabinet shop, they can tell me what their low-medium-high lineup is. It's tougher with three separate shops. Not sure who would be best to work with.

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