30" cabinet need largest sink recommendaitons pls

mirucaAugust 7, 2013

Granite template on Friday and we don't have the sink for a 30" sink base...nightmare! Previously did a bunch of research but not down to the absolute choice level... now I am finding it tough to find a large enough single bowl stainless steel (or siligranit metallic gray) sink.

Sink sizes seem to jump from 23 to 30 with nary a thing inbetween. Would like a 27" but do not see one any

Blanco siligranit has 24" single bowl cinder (what ever color that is ... boo hoo wanted the metallic gray!) Does anyone have this sink/color?

Blanco Stellar super single stainless steel single is 28" overall - although the spec's on the blanco site state a 33" cabinet is needed, people on amazon reviews are putting it in a 30" cabinet. Anyone with experience with that ?

Any other suggestions?

What do people like or dislike about the more square vs soft curve of the bowl? The real square ones have four lines radiating towards the drain, where others have more rounded feel. Any thoughts on shape? Our first instinct is liking the softer round look more.

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I have a Blanco super single and its in my 30" cabinet. The cabinet was not cut.

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double post

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I may have misunderstood your particular issue, but to make sure the sink will fit in your cabinet, I believe you need the dimension of the area of the sink bowl I have noted on this drawing. I don't find many companies provide that info on their specification sheets.

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Here is a link to the specs of my sink. Just need a 30" base.

Here is a link that might be useful: blanco super single

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I have 28" sink that easily fit in my 30" cabinet. It is 16 gauge, zero radius SS undermount. It's made by Nantucket and it was purchased on line.

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Like "debrak' we have a Blanco Super Single in a 30" base.
I went in with no problems.

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Debrak2008 & willtv - that is the super single we are looking at. I was concerned that the undermount might be a problem - did you do undermount in a standard 30" cabinet? Our cabinets are Kraftmaid. It seems to be the only greater than 23/24" and less than 30" sink around!

beverly27- good illustration. I wonder if the undermount requires the top measurement to be under 30" .. not only the bottom of the bowl.

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I have an Elkay stainless sink that's 28" wide in a 30" cabinet. Undermount. Elkay says you need a 33" cabinet for this sink, which you do if you mount it with the clips. Instead we have the sink flanges resting on top of the cabinet sides. My KD does it this way all the time. Sink model is ELU281610 if you want to go that route.

This is not a great picture but I think you can see how the sink uses up the width of the cabinet. --Ruby

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I have the Stellar 441024 in my 30" cab....I love it...it is big!

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Mine is undermounted in a 30" sink base (Shenandoah). You are correct that the choices are limited unless you have an unlimited budget. Our sink was about $250 online.

I learned of the Blanco super single from willtv in his kitchen reveal. He was nice enough to answer my further questions about the sink and the install. We did not want to alter the cabinet in anyway. Not saying it is wrong to do it, just we didn't want to go that route. The blanco was really the only choice.

Let me know if you want photos. I can take some later day if needed.

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Here's a shot of our Blanco Super Single.

It went in after the counters were installed, without any cabinet alterations.
Feel free to email me if you need more info.

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Like RubyWednesday I just had a sink mounted on the frame of my sink base. Specs called for 39" cab, we have 36". The top braces had to be cut out, but I was assured that the silicone under the granite would hold everything secure. I hope they're right. I'm glad to see someone else did that! Obviously your dimensions are smaller, but it's an option worth asking about.

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I've been looking at this myself, and also am down to the wire. I am further limited by wanting an offset drain.
It would help if I could just decide on either stainless or granite, for a start!

I've been considering the Blanco Stellar super single, WaterCreation ssu3018A, and the Elkay granite ELGS3019 (not sure if it could squeak in).

I measured the interior width of my 30" cabinet which =28.5". So I figure that any sink that shows the actual basin width to be less than that will fit. I am thinking that the interior basin width plus about 1/4" (for the thickness of the basin wall) would be about right?

I can have the lip/flanges sit on the cabinet, but since the dishwasher will be right next to the sink cab, I wonder if it will be a problem to have that lip extend a bit into the dishwasher's space (more than 3/4"). Not a problem on the other side, the flange can extend onto the top of the next cabinet's wall.

But, for a 25" sink, the ones with the largest interior dimensions are: again, Blanco Stellar medium (23") Acero SS (23" and includes grate and drain), Ruvati (also comes with grate and drain, 22"), Ukinox (22") and for granite -- Elkay (22 3/8), Silgranit II Diamond (22")

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Thanks to all - have to love GW. At 2:30 a.m. this morning I ordered the Blanco Stellar Super sink. Your explanations and pictures sealed the deal. Although I have to say I fell in love with the Nantucket sink that was mentioned on another GW thread - it was about $400 more than the Blanco though.

reaee - good luck with your decision. You may want to look at an Artisan sink too - however, the 30" sink has a front apron I believe. And of course, if price is not object ... the Nantucket. From what those with experience say ... it sounds like any of the ones you listed will work out fine.

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For anyone interested in the Blanco Stellar Super Single, Amazon has them through their "warehouse" program. I just got mine for $119 ("used - like new") and it came well-packaged and in perfect condition.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon sinks

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What is the warehouse program? I just paid $252 new!

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