How wide is this pullout?

flevyAugust 8, 2012

I'm wondering if this might be a good filler but I can't figure out how wide it is?

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Sophie Wheeler

Looks like a 3" filler with a custom insert. Remember that fillers have to go between cabinets. If you are thinking of using that between a cabinet and an appliance for instance, you will have to have at least a 3/4" side panel to attach to runners to and that 3/4" panel will have to have a secure L bracket to attach it to the wall behind as well as some horizontal connections to the cabinet on the other side of the filler pullout.

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I'm guessing a bit wider than Holly. Those look to be wider knives than parings. With the width of the door, I'd guess 6". But Holly is the pro. :)

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Sophie Wheeler

Breezy, just looking at the pull, it doesn't look like 3" of space on either side of the door. But, to your point, it kinda does look like more than 1 1/2". Sooooo, maybe it's completely custom and is a 4 1/2" or some other non standard dimension.....

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Thanks! I have 6" of dead space and I think this might just work nicely.

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