Please help me with granite choice.

zebra26August 10, 2012

This is the color of our stone on our fireplace. We are thinking of doing the back side of island in stone also, although not sure of that decision yet. Originally I loved Apollo Storm granite, but it does not seem to be available in my area and also not sure it would match stone. I like light colors. I was looking at Colonial Gold. It seems neutral but still with some movement. My cabinets are hickory and the floors will be also. Any recommendations?

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Are you using natural hickory cabinets and floors or with a stain that tones down the variances in colors ? Natural hickory has so much going on, it's beautiful with a dark granite. I love the looks of hickory but I'm not sure I would want too much of a movement in the granite, would it get too busy? I'm not that great at seeing the whole picture, so just asking.

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The cabinets do have a stain but a very light one. As far as the floor it does have a dark stain so not much variation. I think with all the dark going on we just need something lighter. I agree as far as movement. I don't want a lot but I don't really like the spotted kinds.

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I love movement in granite as well. Your fireplace is very beautifully done btw. Good luck in making your decision on granite, I just went through this too. It was a very difficult time for us, but I was constantly drawn to the same granite time and time again, so when I saw the slabs I purchased, I knew they were right choice for me. My advice is follow your heart. Have you done a 'story board' with your choices to see them all put together?

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No I haven't but that is a good idea.

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Hickory is always described as an "energetic" wood, but it isn't a dark one. I think you could go light or dark, especially if you have plenty of natural light in the kitchen. I also think the energy of the cabinets can support movement in the stone beautifully though.

Whatever you choose, I think in this case you need color contrast (no beige or light brown stone) to avoid the "jeans suit" look, if you know what I mean. How do you feel about adding a little color - a little green or blue, something not totally white and brown, like White Ice?

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I do like the movement and the light color. Color is so hard to see on the computer. It looks more gray than blue to me. I will take a look at it next time we go to the stone yard. Thank you.

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Detailed view of a slab with appreciable blue. Slabs vary a lot in the ratio of grey to blue. You're welcome. Really pretty house by the way.

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