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plumberryAugust 16, 2013

Does anyone know what an appropriate % of the budget should be marked for installed lights (recessed, sconces, surface mounted) in an entire house. product cost (not labor) our house is 3 bed 2 bath and we have a lot of sconces, canopy lights, track and surface mounted lights to buy and I have no idea what to budget.. tia

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If you know roughly what you want, could you just price them out and see? And then pad your result 10% or so?

I don't think it's a straight % of budget thing on lighting because there are so many variables and preferences.

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I'd decide what kind of lights you want and where, then try to price them out a bit to get a feel for price range. For example, you can spend $60-6,000 for a foyer light, but if you see many that appeal to you in the $200-300 range, then budget that for your foyer light.

I know the Ecosmart Cree LEDs are currently $27/6 in and $42/4 in plus housing, which I paid $15/4 in. Just recently.

After reading on GW for the past year and seeing what a difference lighting made in the kitchen remodel, I would make sure you get all the light you want. There is definitely a range of options for any lighting situation you have, so pricing out what you want would probably be most useful.

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Lighting "products"-8 LED compatible recessed lights, 8 in cabinet lights and 120 v step down to low voltage wire/power supply, 8 direct wire 120 to in bar low voltage under cabinet lights (ucl), one chandelier and two sconces (everything on dimmers) in my kitchen remodel was approximately 3.5% of my budget. But, my ucl was very expensive because my GC wanted direct wire and the cabinet style mandated a low profile so few choices existed if I didn't want to see the lights which I didn't. Still, kitchen lighting can cost. Decide ahead on general lighting style and buy in bulk and on sale if possible. Dimmers can run high due to compatibility issues with lighting products and number around the room(s). Good luck.

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