Post pics of your favorite feature of your cabinets please!

htraceyAugust 22, 2011

I'm meeting with my cabinet maker today after work. I have lots of ideas, but I'm not the greatest at expressing myself so pictures are worth 1003 words.

I already have lots of clippings, but I thought if anybody had a specific design feature of their cabs that they love they wanted to recommend then I would be grateful!

I've got a small kitchen so I'm particulary looking for storage ideas. Another feature is that I have a vintage cast iron, wall hung farmhouse sink (not the undermount type), so ideas on how to work these onto a sink base would be great!

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My favorite cabinet drawer:

What kind of a sink do you have? This picture is only really useful if your sink has drainboards and an apron front, but I hope it helps:

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I have a sink just like that! That pic is a great help for discussion on how the sink base should be made. You have beautiful cabs.

And now for a question that will demonstrate just how much I DON'T know about this stuff - are your cabinets considered "face framed"?

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Somebody posted a while ago their new kitchen. It had a small banquette in it with 2 side benches but he showed every single storage suggestion in his kitchen. Including things like toe-kick storage for trays etc. Anyone remember whose this was and can link to it for the poster?

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Mine aren't done but here's some pics of some things I incorporated:

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Hi I was perusing the site looking for info and saw your post. I am having trouble downloading or up whatever it is....but my fav cabinet is the one I put in my island which holds the mixer. You leave the mixer there and just pull up the shelf it sits on. It locks in place level with the island counter. Underneath its always plugged in, and theres room to store blades etc to mixer. My mixer is heavy so this is great! If I figure out how to upload the pic I will!

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hi htracy. Don't be embarassed about not knowing cabinet terminology. That's the beauty of Gardenweb. We're all here to help each other out. I'll explain as well as I can and try not to confuse you even more.

Face frame and frameless refer only to the cabinet box. My cabinets are face frame, which means that there is a lip or frame as part of the front of the boxes. Frameless cabinets only have sides and backs to their cabinet boxes; they don't have a frame on the front (Ikea cabinets are frameless so you might be able to see their cabinet boxes on their website).

Inset, partial overlay, and full overlay refer to the drawers and doors of the cabinet. My cabinets are inset, which means that the doors and drawers fit completely inside of the face frame. All inset cabinets will have a face frame box.

Partial overlay means that part of the door overlaps the frame but you can still see the part of the frame of the cabinet box when the doors/drawers are closed. Again, all partial overlay cabinets will have a face frame box.

Full overlay cabinets means that when doors/drawers are closed, all you see are the doors and drawers. You do not see the cabinet box behind them. All frameless cabinet boxes have full overlay doors/drawers, but I believe that you can get full overlay in both face frame and frameless cabinets.

Have I confused or helped you??

Regarding sinks, nutherokie also has a sink like yours and mine. Ideagirl2 has one that is similar, but I don't know where she is in her installation. I'm attaching a link to a thread where we talk about some options. Good luck and keep us posted!

Here is a link that might be useful: vintage sink thread

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I have to say, in case Florantha doesn't see and respond to this thread: Don't forget to consider pull-out bread boards! They're great in a small kitchen for temporary extra countertop. And it can save you from having to find a place to store a big cutting board. Stylistically, it would fit well with your vintage sink, too.

I'm guessing that the kitchen blfenton meant is jmseattle's, linked below. (Note the pull-out board in the island.)

Here is a link that might be useful: jmseattle's kitchen

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I like a lot of the features in the new kitchen, the tray racks, spice drawer, large drawers under the cooktop for pan storage. But my favorite thing is the fact that when I open a drawer, the silverware no longer commits suicide from the bottom of the drawer :) It gets very old after a wee bit. The old dysfunctional kitchen was "all that and a bag of chips." Beagle's are awesome, wish I had the space and $ for all that :)

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That would have to be my custom paper towel cubby! Instructions for this particular design are on a thread I posted last week.

I second the pull-out cutting board idea. I will have my actual cutting board built right into a section of counter, but I have a pullout lapboard 36" wide that acts as more counter space. The cab maker just made it a really big cutting board, but then he varnished it, which you wouldn't with a real pull out cutting board. Mine is a "lapboard" because it is at desk height, so you can eat at it, too.

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In a small kitchen the Hafele fold out pantry system is great. Rev-a-Shelf has a similar one. Holds a lot and I liked it better than the pull-out systems.

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I love my trash cans that are connected to a blum motion pro server so that if my hands are wet, I can touch the cabinet door with my knee or foot, and it electrically opens. I also love the blum motion soft close drawers and cabinets. Finally, my contractor made a special cut out in my coffee bar. It is in a silver ware type drawer and instead he custom made a holder with 48 cut outs that hold a variety of K-cups for my Keurig Coffee Maker.

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The one little extra that I love in our new kitchen are the toe kick drawers - I wish I had more of them, but they are a great use of space. Soft close drawers of course and I love the trash pull-out - never had that before. Overall I am pleased with the abundance of drawers - love them!! Although be sure to include at least one cabinet for taller items.

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I don't have pictures of them but I have to say one of my favorite features of my fairly small kitchen are the pull-out bread boards (i.e. cutting boards). I have two and they are great because they do not require me to clear off a space on my counters for a cutting board. They are basically additional "counter" space which can be used for chopping or anything else which requires additional "counter" space.

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Yikes...didn't realize that mnerg already said what I just said!

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I don't have a pic but I love my pullout pantry. 2 rollouts are attached to the door, so they come out when it is pulled open. The other 2 are accessible on rollouts, but only need to be pulled out to get near the back. It is 30" wide and so I can fit a ton in it. I stand to whichever side I expect to find what I am searching for and it is one motion to open it. It sure beats having my pantry stuff in the basement!

I also did cubbies on the back part of my island, which I tuck my toaster, food processor, spices, etc.. in. It extends the counter space and hides the chaos from the other side. We designed it by accident because I had gotten the idea from Ikea to face shallow wall cabs on the back side of the island rather than putting a cover panel. When I was playing with their online planner is turned one of the cabs around and I saw the potential for facing 2 of them towards the cook. The 3rd one hides the back of our tall vintage stove. My only regret is I realized after that I could have skipped those actual 2 cabs and just had the counter that covers their top and sides form the cubbies. It would have given me an extra inch or so and made my spaces taller. I thought an 18" cab would be enough but the interior space is less than 18"....
This is how they looked with the planner. You have to picture my counters going up to them, flush. My KA stand mixer is too tall for in there and I did not go for the spice carousels as planned in this pic. You can see how they extend my usable counter by keeping more stuff off of them. The middle top cab and the lower 3 cabs face away from the kitchen. I have put a lot of can goods back there and the one closest to the kitchen table has dh's extensive condiment collection. I am so glad that got moved out of the kitchen storage area :)

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