OldRyder I need your help

psyoheAugust 14, 2013

OldRyder, my Sea Pearl quartzite has been installed, but I have a few problems.

Can you look at my post "sea pearl installed"?

Thank you, peke

Here is a link that might be useful: sea pearl installed

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Assuming you always planned on splash the gap to the side and back of the counter is not a big deal as it will be covered with splash. If the gap extends to the front such that there is a gap petween the end of the counter and the wall or cabinet then it is either a measure or install error.

We almost never seam at the sink so I think thats a negative.

Your seams are poorly done. Sometimes with very chippy stone you have to bevel the chipped top edge to remove the "jaggedness". This makes the seam wider than typical but IMHO a "wide" straight seam looks better than a raggedy one. Yours are wide AND raggedy.

The color "matching" of the seam adhesive is also poor.

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No, we didn't plan on putting a tile backsplash on an oak cabinet. We also didn't plan on putting tile on until maybe next year. I told the owner of the fabrication place that before he drew it out. So a 1/2" + gap is going to let water and other things spill down the gaps.

I told him over and over that I did not want a seam. He wouldn't listen to me. The slab had already been paid for and delivered to him. Two weeks later when measuring it out at my house was when he started the arguing. He promised I would not see the seam.

He sent the young man who does the cutting to our house today to "fix" the problems and seams. The owner should have been here. The young man was very honest with,us. He told us that the owner said to make all these excuses...that didn't happen. Just like he told us our cabinets were not square. That is why the cut was off. Not true. He lied and made everything sound like it was everyone else's fault. He told the guy to lie again today.

So nothing was done today because we think the whole sink counter needs replaced. He told the young man to tell us that we could buy a second slab so he could fix it.

We had reserved two stones, but told him that if we could only use one slab it would be wonderful. But we told him that if we couldn't do it with one slab he was to call us.

Here is what he did. He drew the pieces on the stone and drew them wrong on purpose so he would only use one stone. He did not measure wrong.

Our island is on crooked and is 95" long on one side and 94 1/2" long on the other. The overhang is 1/2" on the left and 1" on the right. And it is the reverse on the other side. So it is sideways a little. I don't mind the small amount of overhang, but it should be on straight.

I am so glad you agree with me about the gaps and seams.

We told the young man that the owner would have to buy the slab himself and do it correctly and without seams. We reminded him that he bumps up the price of every
slab he sells just for that reason.

The ball is in the shop owner's court.....Peke
Thanks for your advice. I will keep you posted.

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"Just like he told us our cabinets were not square. "

Cabinets and walls are almost never square. The walls are almost never flat. Thats the whole point of the measure, to measure whats there and make the countertops to fit.

Hopefully you didn't pay your fabricator in full. Good luck.

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Thank you!

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Old Ryder, the fabricator just installed a new slab of Sea Pearl without seams. It looks great.

I have another question for you. Do you think this greenish part is resin? I didn't see it in the original slab. Not a real problem, but I want to make it less noticeable if possible. Is there anything I can do? Thanks, peke

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I'm glad for you that the fabricator make it right. Too bad he made you go thru all the stress to get him to do what abviously had to be done.

the green doesn't look like fill to me but rather just part of the stone.

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