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asyoungAugust 7, 2013

Please take a look at my kitchen layout and let me know if you see any problems or have any ideas for changes. I think my only concern is the amount of floor space between the counters. Is it too much? It's hard to imagine how much room you will need.

Thanks for your help! Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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Close up of kitchen with some dimensions.

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Those are very good points. I didn't catch the fact that the DW would be in the way of the sink when open. That would never work. An island probably does make more sense.

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sorry...i clicked submit too many times

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It appears the only way into the kitchen from the breakfast room/keeping room is past the oven, which is not very safe. Lots of steps between the fridge and the breakfast room too. Is that where you will eat all your meals?

I'm not a fan of the angled peninsula. If the DW is open, you won't be able to stand in front of the sink. Then, assuming you put the trash on the other side of the sink, you will box yourself in for clean-up.

You probably have the room for an island rather than a peninsula, which would eliminate several of those problems.

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It seems like a long path from the kitchen to the dining room and from the garage to the kitchen.

There is no window in your kitchen so it could be really dark. I would move the kitchen over to the wall where laundry room and breakfast area are, and then put your pantry and laundry room on the wall where you have the stove. Then have a door directly from the mud room into the kitchen.

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Thanks for the input LoPay. I dont think you are seeing the opening to the left of the fridge. It will lead you to the dining room and to the mud room and garage. It's a short walk to both.

You have a good point about not having an windows in the kitchen. But if I moved the kitchen to wear the breakfast nook is now I would lose most of those windows and they would have to be short above the counter windows. I think having all of the windows in this area will make up for not having one in the kitchen.

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Without knowing your exact measurements and aisle widths it is hard to give more advice. But the island plan is much, much better. One thing I would consider is switching ovens and fridge. You do have a path to the fridge that is outside the working zone of the kitchen, but it seems that people might have a tendency to walk right between you range and sink to get to it, which would get bothersome.

People often find the most success with fridge placement if they can put it in a place that is easily accessible by both the cook and any drink/snack hunters that might be in the house, which is typically on the perimeter of the kitchen with easy access from the cooking zone. You have yours located at the interior of the kitchen proper.

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I totally agree with the recommendation to switch the position of your oven and refrigerator. I also like the idea of an island better than a peninsula. Have you considered putting your cooktop in the island, switching with the sink and having a half wall or opening so that you can see into the family room while at the sink? Of course then you'd also have to move the DW next to the sink, but you'd gain a lot of cabinet space in the island. Just a thought.

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Thansks for the input. There is 36" clearance all around the island. That's a great idea about switching the fridge and ovens. That really makes a lot of sense.
I'll take a look at putting the range in the island instead of the sink. Does anyone have any reason to do one or the other?
Even if I move the sink to the family room wall I dont want to open that wall. I want to keep the family room seperated from the kitchen.


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You should know that 36" is considered a very bare minimum for aisles. That's not to make you panic, there have been many members here that have that minimum and are happy. I was not. I had 36" on one side and 39" on the other in my old kitchen. The current NKBA recommendation is 42" aisles for one person and 48" aisles for 2 people working together in the kitchen space. I no longer have an island at all, the space was too small for a decent island and 48" aisles (we are a 2 cook family.) So I have a peninsula now.

I would not put the cooktop on the island. Venting is much more expensive and with just the one sink for cleaning up and prepping, you will likely spend a lot of your time there.

My biggest concern is that your kitchen space is actually quite small with much space given to breakfast area and a keeping room. If you enlarge your aisles as recommended, you will have a small island and need to reconfigure the pantry, etc.

Have you been to the building a home forum? They may be able to help you with the overall flow of your home and how you have allocated space.

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If you wouldn't open up that wall, then I wouldn't put a sink there. You should keep it in the island.

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