What to do with 8 foot wall near dining room?

chitownkatAugust 8, 2013

We are gut renovating in Feb/March.
I have an 8 foot wall that is a transition from our kitchen eating space into our dining room. Right now we have a bar sink (which we never use and are getting rid of) and some cabinetry there.
We use the counter area there as a wine/beverage serving station during parties. The phone is there now, so that area tends to collect paper/clutter (purses, DH's keys, etc), but we are thinking of moving the phone jack.

I am trying to come up with some design ideas that incorporate a full wall of lower storage (will need to put larger items, serving pieces there) in cabinets and maybe a three-drawer stack) but on the top I dont want just a boring wall of cabinets. Even with some glass doors on top, I am looking for something with some design interest.
I like the idea of some storage that is not irrevocable and is flexible in its use on top. Maybe some open shelving on top in the middle?
If any of you have a similar wall and can show me what you did, that would be really helpful.

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Instead of cabinets, what about a furniture piece that will meet your needs? Something with glass on the top to show things of interest, a countertop and cabinets on the bottom.

We are doing the same thing in my master bath....instead of more cabinets, we found a furniture piece that will act like a "linen closet." It has glass at the top to put stacks of towels and maybe some pretty glass jars of bath salts etc....the bottom is drawers and cabinets for folded sheets, extra blanket etc....

It creates interest and doesn't feel so "cabinet-y"

Have fun with your build!!


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Hi. What is your style, Chitownkat? I really don't see that name fancying an elaborate, oversized "Tuscan" sideboard, but strictly speaking, it could work. :)

Also, how about a diagram of the space? Is there anything that separates this 8' stretch from the dining room, or does what's there just give way willy-nilly, without transition, to a dining room buffet, something like a pickup parallel parked behind a SUV? Or maybe a patio door comes next, or...? In other words, it's clueless out here.

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