Tin backsplash?

Maine_MareAugust 28, 2012

My kitchen has been in a holding pattern for a while now. We need to continue to paint, finish the baseboard, sand the plaster walls, and put up the backsplash behind the range. I would like to do a pressed tin backsplash in white as I think the original tin color would be too much with the range and hood.

Does anyone have recommendations for a company to provide the tin? Any installation tips?

Any input on tin as a backsplash and my color choice? My house is a 200 year old cape in the middle of the country in Maine so cost and practicality are pretty important. Thank you!

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I'd be interested to see what is recommended also as I'm still making a backsplash decision for my 97 year old home. I've looked at some of those easy-to-affix tiles that look like copper, etc. from places like Home Depot, which are so bad but, they are NOT rated for use behind the stove.

BTW - I'm totally loving your cabinets!

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Hi I'm thinking of installing this on a sink wall. It looks like a nice affordable grout-free option. This company has great colors and nice whites too.

Here is a link that might be useful: tin backsplash

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I absolutely love your cabinets; the color, style and especially those cool butterfly hinges. They seem to be perfect for a house in the country in Maine.

I found this link on google for tin backsplashes. They come in several optional colors. The "autumn leaves" backsplash also seems approriate for Maine.


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Have you looked at Decorative Ceiling Tiles.net?

There are so many beautiful options there I can't stand it. I have a Raaaaaanch.

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Sorry no help on the tin BS, but could you please tell me the brand and color name that you used on your cupboards? I just love it. Also where did you find your hardware? Did you build the cupboards yourself or are did you purchase them custom?
Thanks for any info you can give.

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I used American Tin Ceiling company in my old condo. It's affordable and easy to do. I was a single, 20-something girl with no DIY experience whatsoever and it was fine.

I simply purchased a pair of tin snips at a hardware store and cut the sheets to size using those. I trimmed it very slowly and carefully to get a nice tight fit. The wavy line in the picture on the left of the cabinets over the sink isn't the wall showing though, it's a wire for that undercabinet light.

Then I used construction adhesive to adhere the sheets to the wall. I used a few nails/tacks at the corners cause I had a few that wanted to stick up. I ran a bead of clear caulk between the backsplash and the countertop - fortunately I had a tight fitting counter.

I used the matching spray paint to paint the outlet covers as well. I also used the matching paint to paint a small strip ~1 inch of the wall above the counter. I was worried about having a gap and having white show through. Not sure if that was necessary.

It is a nice, durable surface. I'd use again if I had another house with the style for it.

Yours will look even better with your beautiful cabinets! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Oops, forgot to attach photo

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Thank you all! I'm really thrilled with how the kitchen is coming along. This backsplash is the last big decision and your links are really helpful. I've seen one of them but the other two didn't make it into my google search. I appreciate the help.

mary lu, the cabinets were built for me by my contractor. They are poplar and painted with BM Georgian brick. I slaved over the paint but am thrilled with how it came out. Multiple layers with sanding between each really made them perfect. The hardware came from House of Antiques. I love the butterfly hinges and cup pulls. The latches are the really cheap ones as I was low on money so couldn't quite cough up $20 for a single latch. They feel like they were really cheap and I figure I'll replace these one at a time as they fail. It won't hurt so much that way :)

Cottonpenny, thank you for the photo and the description of how you installed it! I love your copper look and am glad you like it enough to use it again in the future.

Here is a link that might be useful: House of Antiques

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CEFreeman, thank you for the link! That company provides color samples for a reasonable amount so I ordered a pack. I was pretty sure about white but seeing all those colors and having the sample option got me thinking about other choices.

I now have cracked white, dove gray, distressed sage, burnt mahogany, and river rock on their way. I can't wait to see them!

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