Mudroom using Ikea cabinets

gillylilyDecember 24, 2012

It's been a very long time since I have lurked or posted on here-
I am looking to re-do my mudroom, however with a very limited budget I have been poking around on PIntrest and found a lot of great ideas for using Ikea cabinets for window seats and suddenly it occurred to me that I could probably do the same for my mudroom- Just wondering if anyone has done this and if so how will they hold up?
I would like to add:
1.bench with drawers, open shelving and or cabinets below
2.a coat rack
3. cabinets to my 9' ceiling and possibly shelving units on one side of the bench

The area to hold the unit is 53" x 27". The problem is this- before the space was open, there was a closet on the wall. When said closet door was open, it was perpendicular to my garage door and if both doors were open at the same time, they would get caught in each other. Below is a few pictures of the space:

Looking for design info. and any logistical help anyone would like to offer...
Thanks in advance for your help!

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Why didn't you just put bypass doors on your closet? It would probably cost less and give you more storage, to put the closet back there!

If you don't mind the open storage, consider that those little coats in the picture are going to get bigger and longer very quickly. I'd put the coat rack at standard height and once that is in place you will be able to see the situation better.

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You might want to look at the Ikea Hackers site. There is a mudroom remake that looks lovely.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea Hackers

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Thanks for your feedback=
Cindyloo123- We looked into the bypass door- I don't remember why, but for we discovered it wasn't going to work in that location- The hooks there now are temporary 3m hooks- because I got tired of using my dining room (pictured behind that wall) as the coat room. My plan is to put cabinets at the bottom and making a bench and then putting two sets of hooks one lower for my children and then an average height set for us. At the top I would like to put more cabinets for storage- I was just looking to see if anyone has used Ikea cabinets in this way before and if so, how have they held up?
Graywings- Thanks for that site- I actually first saw the idea on there the other day (although my mother is convinced SHE mentioned it to me first :) )
I think I may give it a try-- We have had estimates to have one custom made but my brother in law can do it for free aside from the cost of materials- so I think it will be cheaper using the Ikea cabinets-
Thanks again for suggestions!

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The kitchen cabinets are either 12 or 24 inches deep, which isn't exactly perfect for a bench. But people do cut them down to a better depth; the over-fridge cabinets are a good height for benches.

The Liatorp series would be great in your space if you could cut off one side overhang - they have a TV bench and a bridge shelf that measure 57" wide, and I've seen them set up as you've described. Here's a link to the bench, but be sure to look at the bridge shelf too.

Here is a link that might be useful: liatorp

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I have something similar to the Hackers link. More like this, but not so pretty. :) (from BHG)

My kids are 5 and 7 and they each have a bookcase cubby for their stuff. I have the shelves arranged so there's a spot for shoes on the bottom and a larger spot in the middle for coats and backpacks.

DH and I use the hooks in the middle and the shoe storage under the bench. I've found that the bench doesn't have to be big because the kids always sit on the floor to put on their shoes. They never use the bench. :)

We also have a Hemnes shoe cabinet from Ikea as our hat and mitten storage. It has two tilt-out cabinets, each with two bins. Each of us gets a bin for our hats and mittens and such and we use the drawer for keys, sunglasses, etc. It looks like you would have room to put one of those cabinets too. They are shallow but hold a ton.

I have heard of people using cabinets as benches, but an issue I could see is that kids would have to climb on the bench to reach the hooks. I know my kids would just dump their jackets on the bench rather than have to climb up each time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

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I would also consider adding one or two conveniently placed power outlets for charging.

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