anyone hear of engineered stone called Okite

headspinningAugust 22, 2008

I am looking to possibly install all-white countertops (in place of the highly desirable but non-stain resistant marble) and in my research came across a brand out of Italy called Okite. Anyone heard of it/used it?

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DuPont Zodiaq has an okite collection

Here is a link that might be useful: Dupont Zodiaq Okite

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Okite is made in Italy, sold here by Zodiac. It is the same stuff. It is really just different designs and colors of quartz solid surface. I am not sure if every zodiac dealer carries it, but they might. I contacted one in NH and got a quote. It is more expensive than the quartz products made here as you would expect, because it has to be imported from Italy. No matter where they are made, they are all 96 or 97% quartz by weight, I believe, and the rest is a binder, acrylic, polyester, whatever. They have colors you like better and you are willing to pay the extra cost for them, I would think they would perform the same as any other quartz countertop. You can also see them on the Zodiac website.


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Sue, I'm in NH. I haven't been able to see a sample of the Bianco Carrara Okite I'm interested in. All the dealers I've called have only Zodiaq, no Okite. Did the dealer you contact have any Okite samples?

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erikanh - there is one dealer here in NYC that has Okite...walker-zanger. it seems to be really exclusive.

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I used okite in different occasion, to find the dealer near you contact

I have same samples also if somebody is interested in very bright white there is also another company but I cannot remember right now.

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There are several dealers near me who can order it, but they don't have samples of the Bianco Carrara for me to look at. I can order a 10x10 sample from the Dupont website for $36. Think it's worth it?

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hmmm, that's really annoying. walker zanger gave me a piece to take home. i would probably break down and buy the sample, b/c how else are you going to tell if you really like it?

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You can get the (smaller) samples for free directly from Okite. Last year, when I was investigating them, that's what I did: I called their TX office and, again for free, the samples and other literature was overnighted to me. (I didn't need it overnight, but it was a nice touch!)

Zodiaq only carries some of the Okite colors. However, what I found out from Okite is that any fabricator (who works with quartz countertops) should be able to order the slabs directly from Okite and have them sent to wherever (the fabricator directly or an intermediary, like a slab yard).

When I spoke with a Zodiaq dealer (and the merger had just occurred, so it was all brand-new and the fabricator and I were learning about Okite together), they called a slab yard in Denver and found that a few slabs of the type of Okite in which I was interested (Bianco Carrara) happened to be there, just waiting for someone to come claim it! So you never know ....

The Okite people were v. helpful and generous with suggestions, time and samples. I had a positive experience with them (even though I ended up using a different material).

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headspinning, which color are you considering? If I can't find anyone with a large sample I can look at, I guess I'll go ahead and order from the website.

Did you know it's pronounced oh-KEE-tay? I was saying OH-kite!

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I would call all the local Zodiac dealers first. You can call and find out if they have a sample before ordering and also save a lot of running around looking. I did find dealers with small 2 x 2 samples. Did you know it might be available from Costco? My Zodiac came from Costco and I do believe they had the Okite as a choice. I think that is where I saw the 2 x2 samples. They will also have free samples of the same size sent to you for no charge when they do the in home consultation and measuring (no charge or obligation). I think they said there was a limit of 2 or 3 colors as free samples. Zodiac just starting carrying it in the last year so there are probably still no displays of it in entire counters. I had people here who saw counters done in it mention that it did not look "real" in the marble and I was afraid of a "fake marble" look, which why I decided against it. Esp not being able to see a really large sample. But I never actually saw a full counter done in it myself, so I can't give my opinion on that. I was tempted, just not brave enough given the prices.


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I mistakenly pronounced it Ohh-kite and the Walker Zanger rep gently corrected me. I am looking for a pure white because the Okite marble facsimile looked like grey dots on white. The WZ rep agreed.

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Thanks for the suggestions Sue. I did call several dealers in NH but they only have the teeny 2X2s only. I need to see a larger sample. I have a Costco membership, so it's good to know if I went with Okite I might be able to get a good price from them.

I first became interested in Okite when I saw this kitchen designed by Susan Serra:

Of course seeing it in person is different from seeing a photo.

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Someone recently posted a pic on another thread... it might have been an "inspiration kitchen"; but I remember they had this beautiful picture of an island and the poster wrote something like, "can you believe it's Okite". BTW... I say "OH-Kite" too!

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Ok, I say OH-Kite, too. I will never remember the French pronunciation so it is probably a good thing I already have my countertop. I love the inspiration kitchen. Have a go at it and let us know how it works out. It may be expensive, but if that is the only way to find out, I would spend the 36.0 for the sample before spending thousands for the countertop.



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Go to, find their # in Texas there, call them, and they will send you a free sample of any color you want. The Moka Cream, and the Boticcino samples I had look the most real because there isn't much contrast between the "veining" and the background. The Carrara doesn't look very real, nor does their Verde color which has more of a Calacatta coloring. Looks like someone took some a toothbrush dipped in dye, flicked the toothbrush, and did random spatters all over it.

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Yes...I had it installed a few months ago...I picked the super dark chocolate brown. It's awesome. The largest samples I've seen are about 12 inch X 12 inch. I saw it at my kitchen's not exclusive to Walker....It was sold to me by Carolina Corian. I would NOT buy it from price least with the dark choco brown which is so color saturated and dark, you can see ALL imperfections...I turned down several slabs..and even had a replair go bad that they needed to replace the won't have that problem with the lighter color that has gray in it bc it's not so super saturated. I have seen the faux marble and it's stunning. I think you can google it too...If I went with dark cabinets, I would have totally picked it...I would do it in my bathroom as does chip and show little lighter marks, but again, I am super sure (and have been told) that it's bc that color I picked really shows EVERY imperfection...I still love it's super cool and easy to clean!

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ps- I thought the carerra marble did look real...close enough imo since real marble in a kitchen is a freakin nightmare...might as well live in a museum keeping that stuff looking good.

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You thought the Bianco Carrara (faux marble) was stunning? Did you see a big slap or small sample. I saw sample about 12x12 and was disappointed.

Here is a photo of the Ceasarstone Carrara on top with the Okite Carrara on bottom. Did it look like this????

Thanks, I'm selecting countertops this week!

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Here in Houston there are several vendors who sell it, and I've seen both the little samples and slabs. IMO, it's important to see the slabs for the same reason you'd want to view granite slabs -- It's just a completely different look in a 2"x2" versus a 30"x60" island top. Just my two cents, but IMO, the Okites didn't really look like natural stone except for the two Blondelle mentioned. So if you're trying for something that really looks like natural stone -- just get natural stone and seal the heck out of it.

But if you want something indestructible, I don't think Okite is going to be your best bet either... Why? Well a few years back there were some very informative threads about the various types of engineered quartz countertops.

Not Brands, but Types.

The types that more closely resemble granite have little 'pebbles' of quartz imbedded in resin and molded into slabs. In those types, the resin is used to bind the quartz pebbles together, and it's very strong and durble because you're always hitting quartz. The resin simply keeps the quartz chips from moving.

The types with a more even texture that look more like limestone or travertine are made with much smaller 'quartz flour' and resin, so the slabs are less hard and less durable. Essentially, those slabs are as hard as the resin, not as hard as the quartz. It's still 'hard' -- but not nearly as hard. Apparently, they're also not as stain-resistant, though I can't explain why. Maybe the resin?

I'm having a tough time explaining it, but even the engineered quartz companies agree on this, and several have the technical information posted on their websites. It's further verified by the very different warranties on the two different product types.

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Yes, I saw the carrera in 12X12 and loved it....Maybe my perspective if different though...if you think about marble, yes it's amazing and TOTALLY impracticle....what are your options if you really want that look? Basically there aren't in that realm, the Okite to me is beautiful....Is it reaslistic to have it look exactly like marble...prob ably not...but I still think it's beautiful...I do think that a pure white Silestone would look amazing too but might be too modern for you...candace olson does that look with dark cabinets and it's super cool...

As for durability, I'm not worried. First of all, granite and engineered stones with little flecks to me, are I don't really care that it might be a little harder....but let's face it, I'm not banging around on fleckled granite either like it's invinceable...and I'm certainly going to use a cutting board and use coasters for hot pots...I think unless you have a death wish, don't ahead and treat granite or other engineered stone like laminate ( like I used to in my old apartment...gosh, the stuff stands up to anything LOL). Just something I won't do....

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I have the Okite Giallo Michelangelo in my kitchen. It's sort of like the Okite Carrara but instead of black and white it's creamy-yellowish and brown and less veiny, at least on my counter top. It doesn't look "natural" but it's turning out to be really nice. I like a quiet look and the only thing I didn't like about it originally was how shiny it is, but now I am enjoying that aspect.

I was at Ikea recently outside Chicago, and I saw they had Okite samples there now. I think there might even have been some sample counters, but I didn't linger.

Here is a link that might be useful: Okite Giallo Michelangelo

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We have Okite in our new kitchen - installed a year ago by the previous owners. Before we found this house and were planning to renovate the kitchen in our last house, I had my heart set on marble counters but I have to say I really love the Okite. It's a creamy color - beautiful and durable. I had Surrell two kitchens ago and I couldn't stand it. Loved the color but it was a pain to maintain. I wasn't familiar with Okite until we bought this house but I give it a big thumbs up.

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We were looking for a pure white, without chunks or veins, and only Okite had it, called bianco assoluto. I found a lovely guy named Jesse in NH at a place called BFR who was very responsive. We got a sample of it, and despite what was said above about the more even textures being less stainproof, we put all sorts of stuff on the sample overnight, and everything wiped off with a damp sponge. We are seriously considering it. And I've been saying Oh-Kite, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Okite in NH

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Walker-Zanger is the exclusive dealer in the NYC metropolitan area. No other slab yard carries it.

As for the marble "look-alike", to me, it looks nothing like marble. Taht's why I'd go for the pure white instead (we have dark cabinets). It's great that this thread continued, and that others have some insight into Okite!

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Hi all. Just for the record, and an update...Walker Zanger is no longer the dealer for Okite in the NYC Metropolitan area.

All distribution of Okite slabs is from Houston, Texas. There is a new showroom in NYC, Scavolini kitchens, that has Okite installed in their displays, if you want to see the stone in action!

Okite FREE samples can be ordered through the website below! Okite is beautiful, Eco-friendly, and has an amazing line of colors! Check it out?

Here is a link that might be useful: Okite Quartz Surfacing

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FYI, I read that "Greek Marble" (the real thing) is completely stain resistant and is less porous than granite. You might want to check it out. It does etch like any marble, so you
have to be careful with acidic foods, cleaners, etc. But the hardness, scratch, and stain resistance make it an interesting option. Heard you can get it in Atlanta, GA or view it here:

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