Stools for counter - 24" ok?

Ellen1234August 21, 2013


I will have island seating, standard counter height of approx 36".

I'm just looking for simple saddle seat stools.

I can only seem to find 24" high stools - I was hoping for 25 or 26" high stools.

Do most people just have 24" high stools for a 36" counter height?

I found some nice padded stools at Bed Bath & Beyond which fit perfectly under the counter - just wondering if they're too short!


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No actual experience with this yet for me.
But I wanted to let you know there's a counter stool I like that I've looked into for when the time comes. It gets great reviews online...EXCEPT, everyone mentions that they feel its too low for typical counter seating. The dimensions say its 24.5" (at center, 23.5" at edges..?)

So, it seems that according to many online reviewers 24" feels too low. But if thats the standard height of a standard counter stool, not sure what else you can do?

Here is a link that might be useful: stools rated too low

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You have to determine what feel right to you. I mocked it up and 26" was what we needed.

Yes they are hard to find but we just couldn't stand to use 24".

They are out there you just have to search. Also for some unexplained reason it seems 26" seems to be more popular in Canada.

We got ours at

Here is a thread I posted when searching for mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: 26

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Thanks for the info!

I found the following on Amazon -- similar to what I have, but a lot more expensive --- wondering if worth the extra $$ for the extra 2 inches?? Anyone have these?


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We have 24" chairs at our 36" island and I think it's just right.

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Thanks for posting the picture!

Can I also ask how deep your overhang is?

I actually just measured our kitchen table and chairs. The table is 30" and the chairs are 18" -- so a 12" difference. Seems like the 12" difference should be ok for an island as well... not sure why it feels a little lower except that perhaps because it has a cushion and I'm sinking in the seat (I also don't have the granite installed yet either -- just plywood!).

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Mine is actually 26.5" at the peak of the pad. they feel comfortable with a 36" counter. I've was warned that 24" can feel short for some people and children. It depends a bit on the heights of the household.

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You should consider adjustable-height bar stools.

We have these and they are extremely comfortable.

BoConcept Siena Adjustable Bar Stool

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On the Island we did a 10" overhang. We were told that we could go up to 12" without support, but I didn't want to push it.

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Thanks for all the information!

calumin -- I don't have a lot of space behind the seating (42" aisle) so would prefer the saddle seat stools (no back) to allow for more room. I think my kids will be the only ones using the seating anyway. The stools I picked have nice padding.

Ben1980 - thanks -- I originally wanted a 12" overhang, but didn't account for the doors on the pantry taking up space, so decided to go with an 11" overhang to maintain my planned 42" aisle. Although they're not needed, I do have corbels for decorative purposes (and will offer support as well).

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Here's the best shot I have of our 24" unpadded stools. They're just right for us. I'm the shortest adult in the family at 5' 7", and the tallest is 6' 3", but 7 yo DD seems comfortable with the stools as well.

I like the look of backless stools, but think ones with backs are a bit more comfortable for long-term sitting, and better for wiggly kids. When pushed in ours stick out beyond the counter only 1.75".

Just my feelings on the matter. :)

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