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Roz411August 4, 2014

We started looking at kitchen remodeling in May and finally picked a cabinet maker in July. Our project is suppose to take place in September and they say it will take 6 weeks. Is that about right?

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There are entire threads here devoted to "six week" projects that took a year or more. Are you acting as your own General Contractor?

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That depends on how much you are having done, and how well the subs can schedule.

I acted as our general contractor, so I maybe allowed extra time. Our cabinet maker originally told us early July for install, so I tore out old cabinets, had electricians in, painted, cut a hole in the wall for the range hood vent in June. Then the cabinet maker had an equipment problem in the shop just as they were supposed to start "slicing and dicing" our cabs. That set them back a couple of weeks.

Cabinet installation started the first week in August, and took 3 days for the bulk of the work - little things went on for a couple of weeks. Flooring install took a day. But it was about 4 weeks from countertop templating (done as soon as base cabinets were in) until install. I was warned up front to expect at least a 3 week delay.

All told, from the day we tore out cabinets until the day the plumbing was reconnected (the last step) was 12 or 13 weeks, but there were periods of time when nothing was happening.

Six weeks is certainly possible, but I wouldn't schedule a huge dinner party just yet. Something always seem to take longer than expected, or unforeseen issues come up.

Good luck with your project!

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You picked a cabinet maker, but have you designed the kitchen yet?

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Also, besides delay in receiving and installing components, you may have delays because you change your mind or can't quickly decide on something (counter choice, flooring, paint). Or because you discover something unexpected that needs to be repaired or altered before you can go on.

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As others have said, it depends on the scope of the work, how quickly you make decisions, material availability and a host of other issues.

We had a working kitchen in 5 weeks, HOWEVER, we kept the flooring, appliances and kitchen layout. We decided on the countertop after the cabinets were installed, but had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted. We decided on the Backsplash after the countertop was installed, but again, we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted. In both cases we were able to make a decision quickly. However, if you aren't sure what you want, it's better to take your time making a decision because you will be living with the results for a long time.

Demo did not start until the cabinets were available. Day 1 was demo, day 2 cabinets were delivered (stock cabinets, not custom), days 3-5 were cabinet install. Countertop templating was week 2, countertop install was week 5. No major electrical, plumbing or drywall work. Some finish details (ie. pantry door, backsplash) weren't complete until week 12-13. We used a GC for all work.

From my frequent lurking on this forum, my perception is that my kitchen remodel was on the low side budget wise and much less complicated than a full Reno.
Good luck!

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Our kitchen remodel was Phase II of a condo remodel.

Some (not all) of the electrical and plumbing were done in advance in connection with remodeling other parts of the condo (for example, the kitchen shares a wall with the shower, since the shower was completely replumbed, we did some kitchen plumbing reconfiguration before we closed up the shared wall).

Our cabinets were designed and ordered between the second week of September and late October. We probably could have done it faster, but we knew our approximate schedule for installation (didn't work out quite that way of course) so didn't rush it. The original estimate for delivery was the first week of December. When we got the actually delivery date, it was December 10th, and then there was a snafu, and they weren't actually delivered until December 13th.

Installation took place between December 17th and 23rd.

Counters were templated on January 2nd. (We ran into an industry-wide holiday shutdown). They were installed on January 23rd.

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my reno was more like anne1945 ; i was using the same footprint, no flooring change, no electrical changes and the only plumbing change was going from a single sink to a double. so the kitchen place got the cabs in by demo day and took 1 day to demo and start the prep to install, day 2 all install, day 3 finish the small details and that was the day the granite came to template. skip for the weekend and the following monday the plumber came to set me up with a temp sink and counter using the old formica(he put in the new plumbing then) and hooked up the dishwasher. i highly recommend having a real plumber do this!
granite fabrication took 2 weeks to the day and took half a day to install (we disassembled the plumbing and took off the temp counter/sink the night before) the following day the plumber came back to hook up the new sink and faucet and dishwasher.
my kd acted as a mini gc in that she coordinated the plumber who was awesome and very reasonably priced. i kept his number for futures.
i think ours was pretty quick because it was basically just swapping out cabinets and counters with minor changes. no crown molding or light rails either. it can vary a lot depending on how much is being done.

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I was going to do a fairly inexpensive kitchen. Layout didn't change much. Used a local cabinetmaker who had built my bathroom cabinet. He works with a handyman that gave me a great bid for putting it all together. Day 1 (june 18th) demo went great and then all of a sudden there were scheduling conflicts with the handyman so after 9 days I got fed up with him and fired him. Already had an electrician lined up and he was able to come pretty quickly and also a plumber. Our house was built in 1964 so while knocking holes in the wall we discovered termite damage. So now that meant tearing all the drywall off (not planned) to check for damage. Hired a new contractor who I had worked with before to take care of replacing a few beams, new drywall etc and pretty much take over. Since the old drywall was torn down, we decided to do all new electric which was not planned. We also were not going to replace the floors and then changed our minds. Well, as long as we are putting new floors in, we should open up this space ⦠and so it goes. One thing leads to another, the budget is way over because we keep adding things and the kitchen still isn't done.
Just plan on delays and unexpected things to pop up. The whole thing was only supposed to take 2 weeks with our original plan. HA!

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