for old house lovers - slate sink

pheasantfarmerAugust 9, 2013

I saw this in the Maine Craigslist listings and wanted to share as it is so drool-worthy. I have no connection of any kind - just love this sink !

Here is a link that might be useful: antique slate sink

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My next kitchen will be unfitted, and will have a sink like this. I'm enjoying my current "conventional" kitchen remodel for my growing family. But in my retirement, I will have an unfitted kitchen... I've already warned my husband that it will require years of searching for special finds, such as this one. And I will have to store them in his workshop until they are ready to be used. ;-)

Thanks for sharing this, pheasantfarmer. What a lovely piece!

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Pheasantfarmer- What a beautiful sink! Too far for me to check out (and way out of my price range) but beautiful, all the same :)

Peony- Sounds wonderful...have you started collecting, yet?

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Lavender_lass, I've only collected ideas so far for my future unfitted kitchen. I'm in the midst of a kitchen remodel now in a conservative, family-oriented area in which the open shelving I'm planning is radical enough!

Once our kids have graduated and moved on, my husband and I will move (we don't have extended family here, and property taxes are not conducive unless you have children in the school district). So I have a dozen years or so to plan my next kitchen. I've had so much fun with this one, that I'll certainly enjoy continuing the process.

In my young adult years, I worked in a pub in rural England that had a fantastic working kitchen--the type in which you might find freshly plucked game in the walk-in refrigerator from the weekend's hunting. I took mental notes along the way of how that kitchen worked. I know the pieces I want for each section of my future kitchen, and so pheasantfarmer has reinvigorated my interest in CL, for sure!

I think what I'm doing here constitutes a "hijack," so please pardon. But if you or anyone has more images of pieces that would work in an unfitted kitchen, please share. Pheasantfarmer, I hope you don't mind my asking.

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Not at all - I love your ideas and will be very interested as your plans progress. We will (hopefully) build a new home in 3 or 4 years, and I think about the kitchen more than any other room !

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Peony- What an inspiration kitchen! Too bad there are no pictures. Unfitted kitchens can be so much fun, Not only do they give you lots of room for creativity, but they have to be functional, too. We live on a farm and I would love to have an unfitted kitchen...with lots of windows for herbs and a cozy table for tea :)

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