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Annie DeighnaughDecember 5, 2012

How do you all hang your wreaths on the outside. I'd love to put a large one on our front window or a smaller one in the gable, but DH is refusing to put a hole in anything...we have vinyl siding and azek trim. We are in the northeast (freezing, snow, etc.) and I thought command hooks only work in decent temperatures and not for outside. And the wreaths would have to have some scale to make it work. We already have a spotlight aimed at the front gable as part of our night lighting.

Any ideas?

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I think we're married to the same man. :) I can't help you though, but there has to be a way because everyone else does it! lol.

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Try again to convince your husband that this is a one-time deal. Unlike the vinyl that cannot be repaired, Azek is like wood. You insert a few small screws into the Azek, paint them to match, and then leave them there permanently. It is the same as hanging pictures inside the house.

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I have permanent nails in different locations outside. One on the garage door, one on the front door and a bunch around the front door (nailed through the siding!) to hold a garland and lights and one on the back door. All are inconspicuous.

On the front door I use a magnetic wreath holder on the storm door for the Christmas wreath. For fall, I use the nail on the door for a fall wreath.

Two of the magnetic holders would work on your big window, probably with a wire between them to hold the wreath. Unfortunately you would see the inside part of the magnetic holder (it's two pieces) from inside.

Pretty house!

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Annie ... I put a 36" fresh wreath up on our front dormer windows every year. I use two of the largest sized command hooks spaced out at the top of the wreath to hold it. I've never had a problem with them holding. I live in NC, but looked up on the command website about colder climates.

This is from the website :

Q: Can I use Command adhesive outside in cold climates?
A: You can, but the adhesive should be applied to a clean, smooth, dry surface when the temperature is above 50�F (10�C). If the temperature is below 50�F you can heat the surface with a hair dryer before application.

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Annie - we hang wreaths on our windows by using ribbon or fishline. Make a knot at the top. Open the window and hold the ribbon in place with the knot inside. Close the window. The knot holds the ribbon in place and the wreath exactly where you want it. and....no nails !

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If you want to hang it on the vinyl siding, there is a hook made that clips in the groove of the siding. Go to Amazon and search vinyl siding hooks to see what I mean.

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Annie, one of my friend's just now posted this on her Pinterest page. What a coincidence! I haven't read all of it yet, so hopefully it will help you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Contractor's tips on Xmas Decorating

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Bummer, I just read it and I don't think it answers your question's. But read the comment section, people are offering advice for different types of surfaces.

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I also had casement windows and hung wreaths every year. I put them on long red ribbon, tied a knot
in the ends together..rolled out the windows and hung the wreaths on the outside and rolled them back in...no problem. I have done this for several years and love them....good luck!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Thanks for all these great suggestions. DH is definitely more open to the wreath idea now. He's thinking we could use wire instead of ribbon so it would be essentially invisible. If I hang it on the big window, it will be a bit of a challenge as I would want it centered between the 2 windows, but they are casements....I guess I could lock in one side then hang the wreath and use the other side to lock in at the right height....

You guys are terrif!

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My window wreaths are hung by clear stick-on hooks. I'm in the south so much milder than you - but it can get cold. I've actually had hooks that I've left from one year to the next! Be sure you clean with alcohol or something before sticking on the hook. We then pull up ribbon to the top of the window and I believe my hubby tapes it - it makes it look like the wreath is hung by the ribbon.

Beautiful home - I love your sidewalk!


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I bought the clear, suction cup wreath holders, they have been working perfect - and holding every wreath without fail!

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We also use the large Command hooks.

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