Accent backsplash design behind freestanding range, or keep same?

purrusAugust 20, 2014

Hi all,

Subject basically says it all. I am using white subways for my BS. My range hood will be an industrial style stainless hood. My range is freestanding--i.e., it has a top part that extends above the backsplash.

My KD had mentioned putting a different tile type (like glossy white penny tile perhaps) above the range. But, is this done when one has a freestanding range? Most pictures I've seen online keep the tile the same throughout the entire backsplash in this case. thoughts?

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Adding: I have been known to overthink things. If this is one of those things, just tell me :)

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I would stick with the subway throughout the back splash and resist the urge to use an accent or different tile behind the range. I think it is a more timeless look. Accent tiles come and go in popularity so for resale simpler is best.


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I agree with OntarioMom, I think we can over-decorate and sometimes "less is more." The more different design elements, the less each can be appreciated, especially in an average sized kitchen.

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Ok, that is where my gut was anyway. I really wanted my quartz to stand out and be the focal point so I will just go with that.

It'll be cheaper too!!

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One hard finish pattern per room is best from what I have read on Maria Killam's colour and decorating blog.


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I'd resist as much because there really isn't enough room for another focal point above the range riser as for any other reason. Any accent would look squished.

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Sjhockeyfan, that was what I was thinking and why I asked. I was also thinking that I will have them continue the backsplash even with the counters behind the range just in case I ever get a slide-in range, you know? My range is a great GE profile and only 3 years old so it shouldn't be soon, but just in case.

It's settled, and I am relieved that for once the simpler option wins out.

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