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Elraes MillerDecember 20, 2013

Normal purusing.......and came across this kitchen. My curiosity is what is the cart with wheels in the corner. I like it but can't think of a valid reason for one.

It looks like a shopping cart, but doesn't seem strong enough to withstand a lot of trips. Or is it just a cute decor item? Storage, serving idea?

Here is a link that might be useful: Shopping cart?

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That's a new one for me too! A potato bin on wheels? lol.

I'm curious to see what it is because that's a lot of good storage being wasted for something trivial.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I believe it is a recycling bin...looks like slots for newspapers in the front...bottles and cans up top...I guess if you don't have stairs you can roll it out to the garage or street....

Traditional Kitchen by Portland Architects & Designers Richard Brown Architect AIA

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In the questiion and comment area, the architect says it was custom made for the owner so they could take food out to their garden terrace

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" Richard Brown Architect AIA
Hi Jessee, It was custom made to fit snugly in the recess behind it. the owner uses it to take food out to the garden terraces. For a very similar use we just specified RASKOG carts from IKEA"

I wonder if he meant to bring food in from the garden terraces.
And I think Annies idea is a great one too.

Looking at the kitchen, I think the owner must do some serious baking too. They've got a baking marble board set into the counter.

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That kitchen is so homey, comfortable-looking to me! Great cart! Surely he meant bringing food in, unless they have those serving plate covers, so plates can be stacked.

Where is Lavender Lass? That kitchen looks like her to me; I am SURE there is a cozy seating group there to the left of the cooktop!!


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Interesting choice of counter top materials: wood and ceramic tile.

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I thought of Lass too, esp. when I saw the tile counter top and what I thought might be bunnies (but no). : )

I really like the ambiance of the naturally stained (?) wood.

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I think he means to serve food on the terrace...also to carry dishes, with condiments, flatware in that front area, etc.

It would be really impractical to carry food from a garden...you wouldn't want dirt in that wood box, nor wet, freshly washed produce (if you washed it outside).

Until I read the description, I figured it was to carry dishes to the dining table for setting; maybe with a plastic bin inside, they could be carried back after meals?

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Cute cart, but I really dislike the countertop. It looks like a bathroom wall lying on its side.

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Oh! I love those wide plank floors. Anyone have any idea what type of wood they are?

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I also thought maybe it was for a recycle bin that you just pull out from under the counter and wheel out to the recycle bin. But I suppose using it for transporting food and dishes to and fro is good too.

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Elraes Miller

Admission that I came across this looking for tiled counter tops. Am not in love with the kitchen, it is a bit busy for me. And no love for the tile either, they used it on the back edge of the raised counter. On the other hand, some would love this, just not for me.

Am working on my kitchen to maintain some 50s era and looking for white counter tops with black trim. I know there are many here who dislike tile, but am used to it from years back. Have a long butcher block counter for real work...so I did maintain some current practicality.

Didn't read the comment about custom building the cart. Using it to take patio needs is a good one though...without steps. I like it, not sure where it could go. And probably a big ton of money, plus keeping it clean.

Thanks for playing along with this.

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