Please help! Coffee table talk

michoumonsterDecember 12, 2013

Hi all,
I am trying to put together my family room but have run into some issues. Things we already got: nailhead daybed, industrial style bookcase and TV stand. I am not sure if the TV stand goes well with the other pieces because it is a more reddish color while the others are more brown, but DH got a deal on CL for it, so it must stay, lol.

Can a coffee table or other furniture pieces somehow help tie everything together? any suggestions on wood tones, etc I should look into? any particular pieces you can recommend? thank you for your advice!!

Here are some options we are considering:
option 1: steel frame coffee table with fancy wood top
i think this style and color would match the tv stand, but not sure if the coffee table is functional for us, seems like its edges might be too sharp for our toddlers.

option 2:
we both like this room's style very much and color palette too, but we need larger coffee table and side tables for all our junk.

option 3:
functionally, the nesting coffee tables woudl be perfect since I can see our toddlers each getting a baby table for activities and no sharp corners. DH agrees on the functionality, but thinks this room's style is too sparse.

option 4:
DH and I both like the style of this room, but coffee table ottomans haven't worked well for us in the past for drinks, etc and we are too lazy to get coasters or a tray (or train our toddlers to do it).

any other ideas?

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I like those round nesting tables...plenty of space for your stuff and toddler friendly with the round edges...and you can pull one away for toddler use only when necessary. Don't worry that the room they are shown in doesn't quite match your will accessorize the room with your style. Also, I don't think it matters that all the woods "match"...I think it gives the room more texture and interest. I unwittingly bought an end table, coffee table and tv stand all in espresso and it is too matchy and boring. I like your choices.

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We made our 30x60 coffee table. We went to a stone yard and found a granite remnant with great color for our room. The yard fabricated the edges, rounded. We mounted the table on a dolly. You can't really see the dolly. The granite is very heavy so it stays put. We can easily push the table where ever it is needed. I don't remember the exact cost, but 300 something rings a bell. We already owned the dolly.

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I love the round coffee tables too and think that would be the perfect choice for toddlers -- we've had sharp edged square tables in the past and it hasn't worked well. We now have an oval shaped coffee table and a lot less bumps and bruises.

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How about the coffee table that coordinates with the shelving unit?

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Hm, my kids would have taken it on a ride....

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hmm looks like the round nesting coffee tables got the most votes. thanks! i am leaning towards that too. now to find an affordable one. anyone know where to get these? i linked to the one i found that looks similar to the inspiration pic, but it is $2k, yikes!

sixtyohno, that sounds like a beautiful coffee table, especially if it matches the granite from your kitchen! sadly, DH is limiting the "custom" pieces i can do now (because i did too many customizations to things during our house build, on which he had to help me, lol)

beverly, i considered the matching coffee table to the shelving unit, but like nosoccermom, i do think my twin toddlers would be pushing each other around the room in it!

Here is a link that might be useful: nesting round coffee table

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Check this one and scroll down on the page to see more.

Here is a link that might be useful: tables

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This was at the same site, so you probably saw this one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Round nesting tables

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yayagal, thanks for the link. i do like that one. the metal would work well with my bookshelf too. i am hoping to find a three table set (i have twin toddlers, so one baby table for each of them), but if not, this two table set would work well.

gardenpea, thanks! yes, i saw that one, but it was just a tad too traditional feeling for us since the rest of our stuff is more contemporary/industrial.

i wonder if i can find the one in the inspiration pic. i like the clean lines of it. i will try to ask around on houzz.

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