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jterrilynnAugust 14, 2010

Finally making some progress on my little kitchen although husbands back is shot and so is mine. We still need to secure base cabinets,and have yet to rip out sink, dishwasher and upper counter area. Also waiting for the crown molding that both I and online cabinet site overlooked. Under cab lights are done, angled plugs done.

I can't wait for the install of the couple of mirrored doors and the glass backsplash. The special order 9 1/4" stainless behind range backsplash with a little 2" ledge looks way cool when I held it up. I'm reusing most appliances although frig & sink are new. The vases/pots up in the two display cabinets are just there for me to get an idea of scale and will not be used in final kitchen.

Friday was a good day on granite picks with me settling on two different granites, the warm golden color will be over on the section with the upper creamy yellow cabs with dark cherry bases. The dark granite will be honed and on the other side of the butcher block table at the sink and eat-in counter area.

I am still in search of a creamy light yellow subway or similar tile as a transitional peice between countertop and glass tiles in the two tone area. Seems most tile shops around me have gone out of business, those who haven't don't have much, the samples I ordered online are green-yellow...another pain! Help?¤t=kitchenprogresspictures008.jpg"; target="_blank">¤t=kitchenprogresspictures007.jpg"; target="_blank">¤t=kitchenprogresspictures006.jpg"; target="_blank">

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Like what I see so far. Think the yummy yellow will look great with the dark cherry. Liking the 2 granite slabs also-details on their names please!

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It is looking great so far! I can't wait to see the mirrored doors! The stone is going to be gorgeous in there!

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Thanks Chris45ny, the lighter warm granite is Cashmier Gold from Brazil. I guess there is also a Cashmere Gold from Italy and another I think from India. The Brazil stone is cheap in my area and is under $9 a sf. I'm going to buy half a broken slab and use the half that is calm without a lot of movement. The dark stone is Capolaboro with asking price around $25 a sf but I think I can get that down a bit.

Rookie, husband put two of the mirrored doors up (even though I wanted to do crown first), it looks amazing!!! There are center stiles in each section so not too much mirror but it does make the area look so much bigger. It's going to be so nice when the top stack doors are put on and I can clean out the little hall pantry stuff and put it all up there as it's not used that often. I will have better uses for that pantry. And, believe it or not I will have 51" of extra counter space when I'm done. I only had a little corner before and do not know how I managed for so long.

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I remember a thread a while back, someone asking about mirrored cabinets and I found a picture of them and LOVED the way it looked and reflected everything, making the room look bigger. Even with just a bit of mirror showing, it's really cool. I can't wait to see how yours turns out, I don't think I've seen anyone use mirrored fronts on GW yet.
Good for you in getting the extra counter space! I haven't moved into the new kitchen yet but just thinking about what I've lived without (no dishwasher!) makes me wonder how I've managed too.

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jterrilynn - Wow - this is the first time I have read about your kitchen. Yellow, dark cherry, different counters, mirrors :) - inspired. It will be a unique and beautiful kitchen. AND DIY - wow, wow, wow. I very much look forward to the finished product.

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Thank you sparkle, and I love your kitchen! I think I will end up in the quirky kitchen set...but thats me and what makes me happy.

Rookie, I will post a picture tonight or monday with some of the mirrored doors up.

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jterrilynn, ARe those fighting words? Not sure if you're saying that those of us in the "quirky kitchen set" are lepers or not. :-) Hope not. Glad to hear you say that you will be happy in that gang. Hooray for Diversity! Hooray for Adventure! Hooray for DH's with Spirit and Muscles! and Hooray for Color and Mirror Adventures!

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jterrilyn... Your kitchen looks like it is going to turn out beautiful... Can you share who makes the paint? thanks and cant wait to see the final photos :)

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greenhousems, the paint on cabinets is Creamy Butter. I bought an extra gallon of the paint, on the can it says Duraguard, manufacturer: Valspar. There is a fast dry agent in this oil and it is not easy to use without a sprayer. There is also a top coat, I have some of that as well if want that info. I did not paint these cabinets, bought them from conestoga online. I have painted cabinets in the past though but I'm getting to old to design, shop for, install AND paint. I feel half dead as it is. The paint seems pretty hardy as I have been dragging a door sample around to granite yards and I have caught the door and granite chunk samples having relations in the trunk. No harm done to either.

Florantha...hehe, being quirky is where it's at!

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Here it part of my little kitchen with the mirrored doors! The kitchen is small but tall...I'm loving how the mirrors make it look bigger."; target="_blank">

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Oooh, it is going to be beautiful!

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I love how the shape of the mirrored part is echoed in the detailing surrounding the micro. Looking good...

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Thanks! The detailing around the micro has built-in spice racks in there. I love everything but am a bit nervous at the same time. The kitchen perfectly blends with the rest of the house though. We put the drawer fronts on tonight and the rich cherry is yummy and a big contrast.
Doing a kitchen is such an emotional ride...part of you wants to be different and another little part of you worries about being different.

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I love this stool!!! Would this look right if I changed fabric to a shade close to the butter yellow uppers? Need to find a deal though, I so didn't want to spend this much on a stool. I'll try to get more recent pictures posted that shows the simple transitional lighing lantern type pendant. Having trouble with camera and adding."; target="_blank">

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Looking great and I agree, the stool would be a wonderful addition.

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Am impressed with the double panel upper cabinet doors, mirrored is just an extra. What a good look, with an emphasis on the vertical. Wish I'd seen this sooner!

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I am not feeling that chair due to the straight mirror cabinets. I am in the same boat as to finding the right chair. What about a chrome or stainless leg chair to match the mirrors?

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Thank you so much!

Plllog was so kind to start a post to help me find the right stools.

I would love to hear what "you" think!

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Well, after my last freak-out post with me getting overwhelmed with the little things, today is a good day. If you happened to notice in the above or below picture that the top right hand side cabinet was slightly off, know that that has been driving me crazy and it is fixed today (now I can sleep). The crown is going up, that little under cabinet light wire is taken care of and we are finishing up on the peninsula. I think the granite for the stove wall is coming tomorrow, not sure on the day for the quartzite peninsula install date because they just came yesterday for the template. Still need to put glass in lantern pendant and connect but will wait untill the end for that. But all in all today is a good kitchen head day.ät=dismantledsnackbar0003.png"; target="_blank">

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Wow! I can't wait to see more pics and progress!

Any progress on the stools? I saw your thread, but can't remember if you decided.

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Thanks Breezygirl, I have decided to stop terrorizing everyone over my counter and bar stool dilemma until the counter tops are in and the backsplash is up. I have such a mix going on that I need to see how my eye falls around the room & where there needs to be light and dark and warm or cool. After everything's done I also need to see if my little high top table is still going to work in the little after thought of nook area. I made a table years ago out of two old metal height top table supports and did a faux brass on the stand stems and a glass mosaic on the base and added a stainless steel top. Not sure if the room can afford another "top" area but if it will work I will still need to change the base glass I think. So I guess I really need to wait on all stool picks until things evolve a little more. I'm very happy with how the small tall kitchen is blending with the rest of the house though, it's open to the small tall family room were I have leather seating close to the color of the upper cabinets and a few dark accessory furnishings, the wall painting and wall tapestries are showing up nicely and bring me all the color I love.

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How's it going?

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Hi Florantha! I am very close to the end, today more painting and hopefully my missing tile will be here soon and some of the stools will be here wed...never thought I would get here. Still not completley done...I can not seem to get a picture that shows the glass backsplash colors which has come out a bit "Brady" but I really like it. The pots have changed in top display to glass golden yellow but I'm still looking for some glass bownish/red.
Thank you very much for asking friend! How is your kitchen doing???ät=partoffinishedkitchen049.jpg"; target="_blank">

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I love what you have done - to be honest I never thought that mirrored doors would appeal to me, but you have proven me wrong!

Lovin the pendant light as well .. may I ask where you got it?

~ D ~

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Oh, that very nice together. I have to admit, in the early part - I thought you were crazy. It's turned out great - I really like the color play - particularly the proportions.

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Off topic
jterrilynn, thanks for asking also! Here's back at you...the new unfinished kitchen is functional and DH has returned from Alaska and Montana and such, so we have become mired in non-kitchen part of the big addition--adjusting the sump pump (AFTER the terrific rains in Minn), adding the gutters and front siding on garage, pouring driveway, etc. And of course, hunting season is a siren song for DH so who knows when we'll get back to kitchen issues. Gotta use the good weather before snow makes mittens a requirement for outdoors. But I'm happy to cook in new kitchen. Lots of space, lots of room to spread out. Yesterday I played with pasta machine! And I got a number of bushel of seconds apples from orchard and have to get going dehyrating. Can do all this in our plebian, working kitchen with long counters. I decided to order the loss-leader "today only" special backless $40 stools from ATG stores online last week and they should arrive soon. This will make the room feel special--to replace old wicker topped 1960s stools. Best thing is that I've got glass in cupboards now--"Italian Double Satin Fibers" from Bendheim. A splurge but I'm glad I did it because it's so different from anything else people usually use. Not as exciting as mirrors, but close.

Yours is looking very high-end. I think it's kicky and elegant at the same time. You need some of my old silver pieces to give it a real soul, though. How about some big shiny butler's trays on walls above the cupboards? You could climb a ladder every couple months to remove them for polishing...

TTFN! --F.

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Florantha, love that glass! I had never heard of Italian double satin fiber so I had to look it upâ¦so cool. I like the idea of adding old silver and funny enough it sort of goes along with an idea my husband and I had. We hung this picture of my boys when young on the big wall at peninsula; I got the frame a yard sale for $2.00."; target="_blank">

Unfortunately the scale is not right so if I ever get my energy back I will paint a new picture that sort of fits that I think. However, I would rather mix some old with new because I love that and it is my style. I do need to wait for my stools before deciding because I expect that they will evolve the kitchen into another direction. Picture these but with burgundy seats."; target="_blank">

Please do a post showing your glass in cabinets soon, I canâÂÂt wait to see it in.

Grneyestet, the light is Trans Globe #8703. ItâÂÂs a foyer light because I needed something tall but not too wide for my small tall room. It came in a rustic finish so I painted it black w/ center silver.

Bmorepanic, you are not the only one who thought I was crazyâ¦IâÂÂm used to that though because I can never explain the picture thatâÂÂs in my head enough for people to get it.

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I have about 8 inches of dead space over my fireplace bookcase. It currently has some oddball books tucked there, and the rest is dust. It's only a foot deep. Not the ideal look, I assure you. I would prefer the flat vertical plane space such as Sabjimata's kitchen shows.
If you don't like the plain vertical drop, can you think of a decorative motif?
*Some painted horizontal stripes and then forego the top crown molding?
* If traditional/historical, how about carved "wood" trim? Pieces of molded organic pattern or Regency or geometric trim can be purchased from the renovator websites that are very attractive. (Recently on GW we saw such pieces mounted on drawers that made a great look.)
* An elaborate crown molding with dentil details? Or posh inlay?
* If modern, an embedded ceramic tile trim? a mod stencil? (I have a friend with a slightly-craftsman motif in kitchen. She developed a muted earth color geometric stencil that is fabulous for the drop space and has pulled the kitchen 40 years back in time from its mid-century mod roots without making the space incongruous.)

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Hi Florantha! My main concern was how the small tall kitchen just dropped after the end run before the nook, which was bothering my eye. So, I came up with a cheap solution that I think works. As I did not want window treatments I just did a skinny simple moulding piece above the three windows painted the same color as the uppers. Now my eye moves around the room better and the pitched height above is a non issue to me now. That little project took a little longer than I thought but IâÂÂm done.ät=nookandabovewindows011.jpg"; target="_blank">

This is the wall IâÂÂm not sure what to do with. It looks into living area. I just stuck one of my unfinished paintings up there for now. I donâÂÂt feel like having my art there so IâÂÂm looking and will know it when I see it. See my little nook husband made? I can now get my tea stuff off the counter (LOVE).ät=nookandabovewindows004.jpg"; target="_blank">ät=nookandabovewindows006.jpg"; target="_blank">

We finally finished the peninsula, just needs another coat of paint. I didnâÂÂt want big corbels for supports so we just hollowed out pieces of standard moulding that matched the doors on upper spice pull-outs and angled off at end. I took this picture to show but I was located on the floor. You can not see the under side brackets unless you are on the floor. Cheap and cheerful!ät=countersupportsandboyspicture001.jpg"; target="_blank">ät=countersupportsandboyspicture006.jpg"; target="_blank">

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