Finished (finally) kitchen - dark cherry wood and delicatus

kellienoelleAugust 19, 2012

Hello all, I thought I should post a few pictures of my final kitchen reveal since so many of the choices were researched first at gardenweb. This place is such a wealth of knowledge and I loved seeing the wide variety of styles and tastes represented here, so decided to throw my hat in the ring as well. This was a total remodel in that we tore out all the existing, but there were no structural changes, our layout was fuctional for us before so we didn't feel the need to incur the extra cost associated with structural changes. My one regret with this, I wish that I would have held my ground about a bigger window over the sink. But my husband had dug his heels in and I could tell that he had reached his "stop" so I didn't push. One change that I think I will make is to have the contractor back out to extend the backsplash up to hood level on the range wall. I don't know why I didn't think of it when he was installing, but oh well, if I have learned one thing from this process it is patience!

Overall, I am very pleased. I love all the bells and whistles I have now, such as lower drawers and pull outs, soft close (I didn't know that I had to have them until I had them), induction stove. I wish I could say that it has made me a gourmet cook, but all in due time.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some pics.



Close up of the granite that caused so many problems, but I feel like it is beautiful now. And a very plain backsplash because by the time we got around to it after the granite fiasco, I just couldn't muster up the energy anymore. But it is a clean look, so I am happy with it.

And then since no project is complete without renovation creep, we also did a little mini facelift to the powderroom with new counters and sink. I gel stained the existing cabinet. Then painted the doors black (almost had a heart attack applying that first brushful of paint, but I like it now.

I can post specifics if anybody is interested.

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Wow!! What a transformation!! I love your coffee station and your countertops are beautiful! Your pulls really set off the cabinets. Thanks for sharing. Nice job! Congratulations!

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Love it all--the kitchen, powder room mini face-lift (don't know what the original room looked like, but the after looks terrific!), and I love the black doors!!!

The kitchen might have kept the same layout, but your reno gave it an entirely different look. Wonderful job!

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Beautiful !! I love the dark cabs and the granite. I think you made great use of the space you have and it looks wonderfully sophisticated. The open shelves are really useful and add a nice contrast.

I agree that completing the backsplash the rest of the way up the cooktop wall will look perfect.

Your bath reno looks so good. I think the black doors also add to the elegance of the whole area. You have a lovely new space. c

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Beautiful. Don't you love having all those drawers to play in?
The powder room is lovely, too. And the soft gray walls are perfect.
Nicely done.

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Great job! Your cabinets look very similar to what I chose. I love how you handled the microwave and the open shelving for the coffee "bar" area. I don't remember what issues you had with your granite but it turned out fantastic.

BTW I'm also going to go with a rather sedate backsplash. I haven't gotten around to mine either lol.

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It looks fantastic! What a great little coffee center! I think your tile is perfect. Kinda balances the height of the cabs.

Love your black doors! Are they wood? I have the same style and would love to modernize them, but I'm not sure they're paintable.

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Thanks guys, I am really happy with how it turned out. And more importantly ecstatic because it is done! I also love the floating shelves. I insisted that the cabinets go to the ceiling (probably because our old ones were overly short for the space) so feel like it breaks it up and takes away some of the oppressiveness of the "wall o' cabinets"

The granite issue was "green bloom" which is a reaction with the activator used. Basically I had flourescent green spots all over the granite. But after 3 months and much trial and error, they were able to get it out. I had held up the backsplash in the meantime because I didn't know if I wouldn't end up ripping off the granite. So, by the end of it all, I just was over it and here you see the results! I do like that the shape (3" x 12") is a bit different from your more traditional subway. I feel like it makes it a bit more contemporary.

The doors, I love. That alcove of 3 doors off the kitchen was traditional oak 6 panel doors, and I felt like it looked so dated and out of place against the new kitchen. It is a bit of a labor of love. But it is amazing the transformation that $100 in paint and a whole lot of my time makes!

The powder room I never took a before pic of! But it was from the same era as the kitchen, so I am sure you can all imagine! Again, amazing what a bit of elbow grease can get you. I learned ALL about the gel staining process here so thanks again Gardenweb!

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Gorgeous!!!! The kitchen really looks great. Isn't the payoff so much greater when you have to really "savor" every step of the way?

Loved all the pictures, and had to show me the black doors. I really wanted to do black doors in this house. But, I thought since the sliders all have the mullions built in between the glass and they are white, I would regret my decision. Plus, you should have seen the look the painter gave me when I told him to paint the inside of the front door black too. "I never heard of paintin' interior doors black", That's when I told him I almost asked for all of the interior doors to be black...should have seen his face! So glad you did it, it really looks great.

Congrats on a long road finally finished!!! Yay!

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Oh - and I can't believe I almost forgot the most important thank you!

Stu Rosen, user name cloud_swift, from MB Stoneware took the time to PM me, offer advice, take my phone call, talk me off the ledge, and basically gave me all the reassurance and info that I needed to go back to my granite fabricator. The fact that somebody is willing to do this for an internet stranger speaks volumes about what a great community this is, and the type of business man he is. So I'll give a little plug to his company. If this is the type of 'service' he offers to a non-customer, I can only imagine how he treats his paying customers.

Here is a link that might be useful: MB Stoneware:

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Simply one word describes your kitchen. Thats WOW. I loved everything about it especially the color theme. Got some great ideas for my dream home. Thanks.

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What a great outcome. The space looks so much more finished with the cabinets going to the ceiling. Are the ceilings 10feet?
LOVE the black doors instant drama

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Wow. Beautiful!! I love the dark cabs with the Delacatus. And those black doors are beautiful! I would never have thought of that. And the cute puppy blends right in too!

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This is beautiful! It looks like you had a great space to work with (tall ceilings and layout). Way to go!!

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WOW I love the granite with those cabinets. The black doors are stunning. Did you do the entire house? We are just finishing up a kitchen reno and the last thing we need to complete is the pantry. I just painted the double doors and now I am thinkinking black would be nice.

I love how many of the completed kitchen photos have dogs in them!!!!

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It's gorgeous! I love the Delicatus with those cabinets. I looked back and forth from before to after and am amazed that it's really the same layout, but sooo much better. I love the coffee bar too. Everything seems very handy.

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You have an absolutely beautiful kitchen. The tall cabinets are to die for and the color is stunning. The granite's contrast with the cabinet makes both of them stand out on their own. Love the lights and your floor. You must smile every time you walk into the room. Congratulations on a great job.

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Dogs are no fools, they know where the food is kept!

Regarding the black doors, we are slowly doing the downstairs. We have done 5 so far (out of a possible 8). I think we will only do the front door of those that remain. The one in the kitchen going to the deck is part of a nook with the other 2 sides being floor to ceiling windows all painted white so it blends in perfectly. Next to the front door is a coat closet, I am undecided on that one, but think it would look fine either way. The upstairs has tons of doors, and mostly non-painted trim. We have focused on remodeling the downstairs first and I am still basking in the afterglow of having it pretty much finished (except for the laundry room which I am currently painting with gardenweb breaks) so haven't moved on to the upstairs yet!

Anybody who is thinking of taking the plunge, I can't tell you how much of an instant impact it made. Like somebody else mentioned, it is instant drama, and I think a touch of elegance. Here is the process I used, sand (ours had a glossy finish) and clean, prime with a gray tinted paint, 2-3 coats of black paint. It is a bit time consuming, but there was nothing difficult about it.

We did have a decent space to work with, the ceilings are 9 feet but I think that the tall cabinets make them look even taller. Not in the after pics is the eat in area that is about the same size as the cabinet area, so it is pretty roomy. Of course, now my old table just doesn't look good! My husband hasn't yet consented to the new solid wood table with creamy white leather nail head trim dining chairs that I have been eyeing! But I'll keep working on him. Funny how these things have a way of snowballing, huh?

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Oh! It is beautiful. I am looking for double cabinets like that. Who is the manufacturer?

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They are Kraftmaid, we are pleased with them. We had initally looked for custom, but honestly we just couldn't afford them. Kraftmaid had a lot of options and we were able to fit it into our existing space quite well. We weren't refinishing our existing floors, so had the caveat that it must cover our existing footprint, and our KD was able to work it out perfectly. When we received the shipment, we had a couple of doors that we didn't care for, they replaced them no questions asked. Of course, since they are only 6 months old I can't speak to how they will hold up over time, but everything works perfectly now!

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Gorgeous kitchen, kellienoelle! Congrats!
I love the coffee station and the floating shelves, too.
The Kraftmaid cabinets are lovely and elegant. Could you please let me know the name of the door style? We are also keeping the existing footprint including the floor.

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What a lovely new kitchen! It looks beautiful and so much fun to use!
What is the overall width of your kitchen?
Love your lighting choices!

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Well, another GW kitchen winner! Very, very nice job on your part. You have a great eye.

Might you share the height of your cabinets and trim? Do the top cabinets have plugmold or other?

Probably your dog is as proud and excited as you in addition to knowing where the food is!

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Wow!! Your kitchen is gorgeous, love everything about it! I have to ask, where did you purchase your cabinet pulls? We just installed our Kraftmaid cabinets (cherry w/ peppercorn) and was set on a different pull but I love yours!

Also, what stain is that? It is beautiful.It looks very similar to ours....

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The door style of the cabinets are Sonoma, the wood is cherry, and the finish is Kaffe. The pulls were part of the Kraftmaid line, the tapered bow pulls. I know that they have a rotating promotion, but at the time of my order, all pulls were included free of cost, which was nice because they add up quickly. The ceiling height is 9 feet, and the crown is (I think) the extra large cove molding. Dimensions of the kitchen.... I think about 12 x 14 for the cabinet area, it has been awhile since I measured (since this entire process started in December).

We had also looked at the peppercorn stain, there are several here in GW who have it and it is lovely, but I was worried that it may turn out too dark with such a large bank of cabinets. Turns out that it would have been fine though because we have quite a few lights (surround, pendants, undercabinet, uppers). I think the Kaffe is one shade lighter.

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Your new kitchen coordinates with your beautiful sheltie perfectly!

Your cabinets and granite are lovely. Congratulations on finishing.

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Beautiful! I love the contrast between the granite and your cabinets. Enjoy!

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Kellie, your kitchen is wonderful! I've been following your kitchen progress as ours will be very similiar. I won't bore you with the details except that ours also includes a tri-colored herding dog. Ours in an Aussie and also knows how to lay right in the path in case you may trip on him and drop some food.

Enjoy your new kitchen!

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OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Where do I start???? I LOVE it all!!!! OMG!! Kitchen is awesome!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your granite choice!! AND, I love your black doors and white trim. I'm trying to talk myself and DH into letting me do that!!!

WOW, so cool. I love it all. Congrats, now enjoy it )

Here is a link that might be useful: My diy kitchen remodel

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I like the backsplash because it vanishes. It's not competing with those majestic cabinets and the assertive granite.

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What a beautiful job. The back splash is just perfect with the granite and the cabinets. I love your island. It's a great work space. Congratulations.

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That is a beautiful new kitchen that has that "lived-in" look. Not sure how to express it, but hopefully you know what I mean - not sterile. Very pretty.

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I love your granite and the dark cabinets, your kitchen is full of lovely contrasts. Congratulations on a stunning transformation!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Excellent! It came out must be so pleased!

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debrak - I love Aussies. I am sure yours is sometimes too smart for his own good too. But yes, they (I have two) have perfected the art of lingering because I drop or looking cute so I slip them a sample. And of course the tripping.

MrsShane, here is how I convinced my husband, and it worked beautifully. I sent him an email with a link to a pic saying "doesn't this look nice?". He responded yes, so by the time he got home from work I had purchased all the supplies, had somehow managed to get the door off the hinges and into the garage on sawhorses by myself and was sanding by the time he pulled into the driveway. I highly recommend this technique. (I love what you have done with your kitchen by the way. I am impressed that it was DIY, I wish I had skills that expanded beyond mere painting).

And thank you to the rest of you guys for the very kind words. Along the way, I was subject to self doubt in my decisions, like I think many people are, and seeing all of the light and airy white kitchens certainly didn't help the second guessing. But in the end, I feel like it is "us". And it is such a pleasure to cook in now. Plus I could shop for years and not have to worry about running out of storage space.

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hi kellienoelle. as everyone else here posted, your kitchen is stunning!! You did a fabulous job!! I think the backsplash you chose is perfect, doesnt compete w/the granite and gives such an elegant look. LOVE those black doors against the white trim - who would've thought?? i also love your method of convincing your husband - great tactic i must try soon!!

please post what you decide to do about the backsplash going up to the rangehood. i vote for going all the way up to the ceiling on that wall!

BEST to you in your beautiful surroundings!

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kellienoelle, Love you new kitchen.
I'm not normally a fan of dark wood cabinets but yours are really nice.
Especially in combination with your countertops.
It's good to hear that your Green Bloom problem worked out.
I remember well your angst filled posts.
You've done a great job.
Enjoy your new space

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Haha, angst filled is a good way to put it. A much kinder term than the reality, I am sure. All in all, it was a bit of an exercise in patience, but I was pleased with the resolution (although I had to turn my head when they took a propane torch to my brand new kitchen!) The fabricator really hung in there with us and tried a lot of different treatments to remedy the problem. I am sure they didn't want to replace them anymore than we didn't want them to. I was quite grateful for that.

But the biggest thanks seriously goes to Stu Rosen because he set me on the right path on what had actually happened and the fact that they could, indeed, be fixed.

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It must be a delight to walk into such a lovely kitchen!! Great job!

I'd like to know about your three light fixtures if you get a chance.

I didn't know that cloud swift had a stone care business. Nice to know. Thanks for providing the link.

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Your kitchen is gorgeous! The granite and cabinets are so striking together.

Before I could type this, I noticed that you were kind enough to respond to my post re. a backsplash for busy granite. I LOVE your backsplash with your granite. It is so helpful to see something in "action" in a real kitchen vs. samples.
Could you share more details on brand, color and size that you chose? Thank you!

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Thank you for the info on door style :-). Enjoy your lovely kitchen!

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labbie - the backsplash is porcelain tiles made my Crossville, their Retroactive line, the color is Empress White. The size that we got was 3x12, but they also have other sizes (and colors as well). They are a really thin tiles so we didn't even have to get any decorative or transition pieces. And since it is porcelain, the color goes all the way through so you don't need to mask a cut edge. We had tossed around the idea of a contrasting grout, but ended up with a close match set as thin as possible (1/16") so it does just "disappear". Like I mentioned in your thread, we initially wanted something more "interesting" but are happy with the look that we achieved. Maybe something more interesting would look grander, but maybe it would have been too overwhelming too.

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Lovely lovely.

What is the amount of countertop overhang to your cabinets?
My current kitchen countertop overhang is barely over the cabinets.
So for my reno, I'm trying to decide to go:
- 1"
- 1.5", or
- longer

Thanks for your help.

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I cannot believe that is the same room ! You did a great job with the colors and I too (like willtv)am not usually a fan of very dark cabinets.
Love the black doors too--with all the compliments you receive you can now forget how much work they were right ? ENJOY
Glad to hear stu helped with information for your granite, you must have been so upset.
Hey I was so busy admiring your kitchen that I missed your beautiful dog--I had to go back and find him & his tail. :)

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Please post your bathroom project over on the Bathroom Forum. It would be a nice posting. Even though you don't have a before you could briefly list the project steps and new fixtures, paint colors, etc. It is really a nice little BR.

Kitchen is very nice. Love it all.

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I didn't mean to sound as if you shouldn't have posted you BR on this forum. As I've re-read my post it sounds kind of bossy. My intention was to invite you to share over on the BR forum, for others that might not see it over here:)

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Your kitchen looks very classy, and sophisticated now. It makes such a difference having the cabinets go to the ceiling. The lighted glass cabinets on the top really help your kitchen shine. The open shelving is a nice touch too.
Glad you were able to get the granite problem resolved. I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to let someone use oven cleaner and a torch in my house.
Your " plain, simple" backsplash is anything but, it is "dressy and elegant"
While you may have had trouble deciding on the different elements/ finishes for your kitchen, it certainly doesn't show. It turned out fabulous.
Wishing you years of good times and good cooking in your new kitchen.

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I think my overhang is about 1 1/2 inch, and I asked that they measure from the pulls. Or maybe it was 1" from the pulls which made it a total of 1 1/2" from the cabinets. I know it was more than they typically recommended but I preferred it that way, and for the areas next to doorways they took it to the doorframe even if it wasn't quite exact to the overhang on the front. The cost was quite minimal as I recall. I think less than $100.

Bathroom forum, huh? Oh my, I am afraid that if I venture over there it will open up a whole new can of worms. My 20+ year old bathrooms could sure use some attention too! But I'll post today, it was such a minimal project that it hardly seems worthy to be in the same space as some of the gorgeous master bath complete renovations. But, I guess some people would like to know what a little bit of a facelift can get you. I wish I had taken a before pic though.

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What a beautiful kitchen! I am so glad to see something other than the ubiquitous white. I'm not sure we'll go quite as dark as you with our remodel, but our "before" cabinets are a perfect match to yours.

Good job!

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Elegant and lovely. I like the pendants over the island, the shelves over the beverage area, and the red accents. The BS was a perfect choice with your gorgeous granite. Congratulations!

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Wow! The transformation is beautiful. My favorite things... Coffee bar area with the open shelving, adds a nice contemporary touch and a nice useful space.
Love the mix of metals lighting and hardware, perfectly done. Stacked cabinets to the ceiling - amazing how they extend the space. Black doors look amazing also.

I have some experience from my last home in gel staining - amazing what you can do to bathroom Oak cabinets!

Your sheltie seems right at home in the new kitchen, my Westie has to be stepped over constantly as she is waiting for anything to drop - amazing how fast she moves then.

I have the perfect kitchen table for your dinette area when you convince DH -

I have this set from Nebraska Furniture Mart, think it would look perfect in your space. Not a expensive set and the black would work so nice!

Enjoy your new space!

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Thanks for the info on the doors. What color black did you use? As you know, convincing DH is going to be a problem. Our pantry was 7 feet across but only had one door and the 2 ends became useless. We opened the wall up and now have 2 doors and have access to the entire area. Dh put the old closet made shelving back in and I hate it. Maybe I'll just paint the doors when he is gone since I didn't get the pantry I really wanted.

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Thanks rtwilliams! We have a Nebraska furniture mart just a few minutes away so will have to go check it out and look at what they have (bet my husband won't even let me near the place). I still have my heart set on a creamy leather chair to team up with a black table

.....maybe something similar to this (although I kind of wanted something with a nailhead trim too)

and maybe a nice rug. And...and....

The paint that I used for the doors is Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel Latex in Satin Black. I had no idea what I was doing, so it is what the salesperson recommended. The first one I painted about 6 weeks ago, so it hasn't gotten too much wear and tear yet, but it seems to be holding up well. I was really worried about how it would clean up, but we actually scraped the popcorn off the ceiling of a room with a black door (anybody who has done this knows how much dust it generates), and it cleaned up beautifully. The true test will be the door to the garage because the dogs will sometimes scratch to go out. Not very vigorously, so we'll see how much it will take.

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It's really great. Such a nice new functional, beautiful space. Congrats!

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kellienoelle, Can you please tell me where you found those floating shelves? I'm looking for something similar to put in my kitchen. Thanks!

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I'm glad I waited to open this thread until a time I could really study and enjoy your pics. The contrast of the dark cabs with your lighter floor is wonderful. The delicatus looks right at home with all the other details. I remember your post about the floating shelves and really hoping you went that direction. They're perfect!

The drama of those black doors took my breath away for about 3.67822 seconds. A-maz-ing.

Congratulations on getting it all done!

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Thank you so much for the kind words!

The floating shelves were also from Kraftmaid, I love them. Probably my favorite "design" feature!

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Ditto what everyone else said. It's just wonderful! I especially love the update from a desk to a coffee station. And the floating shelves are the perfect touch.

I'm surprised that your husband doesn't see that you need new dining furniture. :) Is it time to get out the gel stain?

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Somehow I missed this previously. It's gorgeous. Love the counters, and the cabinetry wall with the fridge is amazing. Cute Sheltie, too. :)

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Beautiful kitchen, kellienoelle! It's amazing how much is gained by taking those uppers to the ceiling and integrating the fridge into a seamless bank of cabinets. Such a great look. And I am a sucker for chunky shelves, so that's just eye candy for me.

Your floors are gorgeous with the new cabinetry and I have total ceiling envy. You have so much height!

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