Exposed particle board next to cooktop

okpokesfanAugust 10, 2013

My cabinets are here and installed. There have been several issues with them. I ordered plywood in all wet areas, which didn't happen, soft=close drawers weren't installed, etc. They sent a man up (I live two hours away from the place that made them) to check everything and make a list of what needed to be fixed.

One issue was exposed particle board. I have "fancy" corners in my kitchen and bath. On one part of the corner, you can see the particle board. They want to take the fancy part off and glue a veneer onto the particle board so you can't see it anymore. They can do this without taking the cabinets down.

My question--is this an acceptable fix (ie, one that will last) or a should I tell them I just want the boards changed?

I also have exposed particle board on the bottom of the uppers right next to my cooktop. I'm thinking this won't work because of the steam coming off the cooktop. the venthood itself has some exposed mdf. Will gluing the veneer on be acceptable or should I have them replace the boards?

My consultant (we are using UBuildIt) says absolutely not, make them totally replace it but I wanted another opinion. I'm so sick of messing with this company I'm ready to be done but yet want it fixed in a way that will last!

Thank you for your advice.

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What are "fancy corners"?

Can you post a picture?

What did you sign off on? Did the contract state exactly which cabs were to have plywood?

Sorry you are experiencing this. I had a similar issue with my hardwood floors. They really need to be completely re-done, but that would have held up the remodel for so long, I have decided to deal with it later. Probably not the best course of action, but I have massive renovation fatigue! Fortunately, they can be spot fixed later.

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I will post the pics when I go to the house later. Yes, the paper does specify all plywood in wet areas and they are fixing that.

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Here are the pictures.

1. Picture of exposed particle board

2. Picture of exposed mdf

3. Picture of solid wood

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Wow. That is really bad. I'm sorry I don't know the best solution, but wanted to lend support! So sorry you are dealing with this. Will the cabs be painted or stained?

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If you ordered and paid for plywood in some areas ... make them give you plywood for those areas.

It looks like they forgot to veneer before the put the trim on ... that's an OK fix.

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If the areas where the fancy trim is applied are supposed to be solid wood, I would want them all to be solid wood. If they apply veneer now, won't there still be a problem with the edge?

If your consultant says to totally replace it, I'd go that route. You say you are sick of dealing with this company, so having them replace it with solid wood seems like the best option to assure that you won't have to deal with them in the future.

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Sophie Wheeler

Anyone that would build a cabinet like that in the first place needs to be shot. Frankly, they need to rebuild the whole order. Just because something is "custom" doesn't mean it's good quality and built well. That's the most misused and fraudulent word bandied about in a kitchen redo. It's used by hacks to elevate the crap they produce.

I'd personally want my money back and go to someone who actually knows what they are doing though. These clowns don't.

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I'm with hollysprings on this one. It's like the cabinet makers just skipped over Step X. You can glue veneer on cabinets in place, but it's not anything like doing it when it should have been done. Done at the right time, the cabinet sides being veneered are horizontal and they use a vacuum process to get perfect adhesion. At the very least, you'll have cut and paste to cover exposed sections and hope it all looks and functions OK.

I totally sympathize with wanting to be done, but you'll beat yourself up in a couple of years if you let this slide. For me, choice #1 would be to make them rip it all out and give your money back. If that isn't possible, at least make them replace all the sides and bottoms that aren't right. The pain of another 3-10 weeks of paper plates and hotplates is preferable to flushing your money down the toilet.

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This is a new build so some of problem areas are bathrooms, laundry room, etc. And they get away with this because most people just say that---I don't care, I just want them to be up and done (a friend of mine used them and had several things wrong but she is just leaving them). It makes them not want to deal with me straight IMO.

The cabinets will be stained so that will certainly be noticeable.

DH doesn't want to hassle with trying to get our money back. He's so ready for the whole process to be over and to quit paying the interest!

You guys confirmed what we were thinking. They will be replaced to my satisfaction. I have lost many nights of sleep over this and warn all my friends away from this company! Funny thing though--I had two friends that used them in new builds and they were nothing but satisfied.

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>>I ordered plywood in all wet areas, which didn't happen, soft=close drawers weren't installed, etc. So you've paid a premium for plywood cabs, yet are willing to settle for veneered particle board cabines and all you're worried about is some inconsequential corner detail? In what world is this even remotely ok?

If you don't have this stuff ripped out and done as you ordered it, IMHO, you're
1) nuts
2) wasting time and money on a consultant who is right
3) reliquenish any right to complain later when it swells and falls apart, 'cause they're sure not gonna fix it.
4) lets this company get away, probably again, with producing crap and wearing people down and most importantly, you
5) will always, always be disappointed. You'll be saying, "Yes, it's nice but.." for the rest of your life.

I'm sure they count on your DH's attitude of "just get this done". It saves them money, time and materials. I wonder if they just plain sent out the wrong cabinets, since you say your ordered plywood. They've got a 50/50 that you'll let it slide.

I wouldn't tolerate this for a minute. If your ordered hardwood floors and they put in a laminate, would you just let it slide just to be done with it? ... ? Let them get by with their "oops, my bad. Here's $50. Shut-the-f-up & live with it."

Sorry. I'm mad for you and kind if disgusted with this kind of thing these days. What's a couple of weeks to get this right and what you paid for, in the face of junk for the rest of your home ownership? I'd tell my husband to suck it up and count his blessings. Pray that's the worst inconvenience you guys ever face in your lives, because if it is you're very lucky. Don't accept bad quality. It perpetuates this service and unacceptable "ok for now" crazy talk. Remember: You're not being demanding, you're demanding what you paid for. And they haven't delivered.

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That is not acceptable and needs to be redone. It's unclear as to whether or not you're dealing with a KD who misordered here, or just a cabinet shop that was hazy on the details. Someone dropped the ball though. And it needs to be done correctly before you ever close on this house. Otherwise, you've lost all of your leverage about getting it done.

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I was just looking at this thread again.

I never mentioned how much I like the corner detail you've ordered. It's really, nicely linear and clean. I like that it doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME" but offers a nice texture to the eye.

I really hope you stand firm and get what you ordered/paid for. It's really beautiful.

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Are these going to be painted? If so, maybe all is fine.

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