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JavachikDecember 13, 2013

First of all, thank you for your helpful comments on my original thread on redecorating a bedroom for DGD. It helped me just stick with the old oak furniture to go with the new white twin bed. The comforter I picked out:

looked terrible with the warm oak. Then, I remembered I have this full bed sized quilt (unused for almost 20 years):

that might work on a twin bed. Back went the brown comforter and in came Hello Kitty:

Without toys strewn about I'm now thinking I need a rug, but this one didn't make the cut. What was supposed to be pink and green is more pink and bilious, shiny gold:

Plus, the 5x8 size seems betwixt and between. Given the furniture arrangement, where would you suggest the rug be placed? Under some of the furniture or just centered between bed, nightstand, dresser and chest? Bigger than the 5x8 or smaller?

I've been looking and looking for the replacement rug, so any suggestions you might have are appreciated!

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Annie Deighnaugh

It's coming along nicely! That quilt is gorgeous.

For a rug, I'd go small...something just for the tootsies at the bed side. I think the bigger rug with the rocker on it is going to be problematic. My rugs on rugs always walk, and with a rocker going, it would be even worse.

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It looks very nice, but as a special treat for DGD, I'd probably go for an inexpensive duvet cover set in TWIN size, it's big enough for a full, , e.g. from Target or Ikea. Something like this:
30.00 from Target
Ikea's are even cheaper.

Or maybe bite the bullet and get the hello Kitty duvet cover for 26.00

For a rug, you could get a fake lambskin, also IKEA for 10.00, or a real one for 29.99.

Here is a link that might be useful: lamb skin

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Thanks, Annie. You're right, I'll have to re-orient my thinking to a smaller rug. The standard larger sizes leave one or the other leg of the dresser, bed, nightstand in limbo.

Nosoccermom, I like the first example!. The second one maybe a little too much. Plus, it's what DGD already has at home!

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Maybe this is one of those trendy things we don't like, but why do you feel a rug is needed with what seems to be very nice, clean, and neutral wall to wall carpeting? I think it is fine with no rug.

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juliekcmo - For this room, it was to add some interest for the little one at her level. I have no other area rugs layered on top of carpet, but the bedroom level carpet is the original basic construction grade, off-white carpet. Rather than being a neutral backdrop, I find it cold and unwelcoming. Maybe after the walls are painted in a deeper neutral after Christmas, I'll feel less dislike for the carpet, though.

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Ikea has some great fake sheepskin rugs that girls love as they're cuddly and soft. A nice white or off white one would look great next to the bed. They're under 20.00 and add another texture to the room.

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Wow, she really is into "Hello Kitty" :)

on Ebay, discontinued IKEA. It's very nice satiny quality, for 25.00

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Holly- Kay

The room looks delightful. Keep the little girl decor for at home and make Nana's place her big girl room. I just love that you kept the wood original.

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i posted a link to IKEA sheepskin rugs above (lamb skin), fake and real, 9.99 and 29.99, respectively, but I think you can't buy them online.
Another option would be a small flokati, hard to vacuum but pretty nice.
She's a very lucky girl!

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Ooooo roses! That's pretty! I see I can get Ikea faux sheepskin or real on ebay, too. Choice! I like that.

Thanks, holly-kay. I like the way the quilt looks with the oak. DGD may not be impressed with the quilt, but she likes her "doggie lamps", her Hello Kitty doll, and photo of my late kitty. So I think the touches of pink in the quilt and around the room will please her. I bought that oak furniture for my bedroom almost 30 years ago when I lived in Lancaster, PA, and the quilt followed shortly after. Pays to shop one's own house first!

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Holly- Kay

Javachick, Lancaster is about 30 minutes from us! Amish quilts are so pretty.

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Javachick, I couldn't resist posting this bathroom. I'm sure your DGD would approve :)

Traditional Bathroom by Decatur Interior Designers & Decorators Colordrunk Designs">

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nsm - DGD's javachik LOVES it!!! I wonder if we could get her father and little brother on board with it?

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Also saw a sale of duvet cover sets at H&M for 10.00:
web site is

There are other cute linens, too.

Oh, I meant, you could paint YOUR bathroom that way :)

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Hi javachik,

Since we're posting photos of pink and black girls' rooms, I thought you might like to see my DDs bedroom, copied almost exactly from a bedroom on Houzz. I'm so happy she picked (at age 8!) a color scheme and design theme that will last through her teen years. Amazing what you can achieve with a little time and a roll of blue painter's tape. :-)

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nsm - LOL for my bath! I like the first duvet set, but couldn't find either of them on the U.S. site. Maybe I missed the sale?

tag-singer - That is beautiful! How did you do the painting? Are those mirrors in the middle of the rectangles?

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Thank you, javachick! Yes, those are framed (in white) mirrors hanging on the pink rectangular background.

As far as the damask mural, here is a surprise - the white paint goes on first! We used sample size containers of black and white SW latex paint. Here are the steps:

1. Tape off and paint a white rectangle the size of the mural.

2. Draw your design on a piece of butcher block paper, using the same "mirror image" technique children use for making paper hearts and snowflakes (there were 7 shapes used in my mural.) Cut out the paper templates.

3. Trace these 7 templates onto a large sheet of template plastic (found in the quilting section of most craft stores.) Cut out the plastic templates.

4. Using Repositionable Clear Spray Adhesive (3M, I think) place templates onto wall and press firmly.

5. Tape off white rectangle edges, and with templates in place, fill in area with black paint. Go carefully around the edges of the templates with an artist brush, pressing firmly to minimize any bleeding. Touch up as needed.

Voila! Hope this is helpful. Good luck with DGD's room!

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Link to the first duvet set on H&M below. Still works for me.
When you're on the site, click on sale and then bedroom for more .

What a lovely room by tagsinger, and so impressive that your DD would pick such a sophisticated scheme.

Here is a link that might be useful: pink duvet set

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