Which Silgranit sink, Precis or Diamond?

malabacat_gwAugust 15, 2014

I've decided to go with a Blanco Silgranit sink (posted awhile back about whether to change from SS to Silgranit). Now I can't figure out whether to go with the Precis or Diamond. Both are about the same size, both can be undermount, and both require the same cabinet size. The drain is in a different place, but other than that I don't know what the major difference is. Is there one? The Diamond is a little less expensive (yet larger overall), and has the top lip (not sure what to call it) with the one hole. Does that mean it can only be used with certain faucets? I will be undermounting the sink if that matters.

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The Diamond can be a drop in or under mount, while the Precis is under mount only. The Diamond also has a very subtle curve to the top shape, where the Precis is a true rectangle. I'm a symmetrical person, so I chose the Precis with the centered drain, and love it!
There are others who prefer the offset drain, to each his own, and that's likely why they offer a choice, pure personal preference.
I also like the way my faucet centers over the drain...

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Thanks for the info re: shape of the two sinks. I haven't seen them in person, so I'm going off pics on the web and I hadn't noticed one had a subtle curve. And I had never thought about having the faucet centered over the drain. I'm not sure which I'd prefer. And I love your faucet!

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Actually, inside dimensions are very close:
Precis - 17"x30"
Diamond - 16.5" x 30.5"
Both 9.5" deep

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I've only had my Diamond for less than a week, but I'm loving the off-center drain. It's so big (my old sink was about 2/3 the size) that I end up using the right end as the 'business end' of the sink and the left end as the staging area or the drying area if I quickly wash a couple things.

I haven't put much back under the sink because I want to come up with some kind of organizational scheme. But I know I'll appreciate the off-center stuff underneath. As a bonus, my plumbing happens to be off-set just the same amount. So the angle stops etc. are directly behind the garbage disposal.

I do need to get a dishpan to use for the times I'm not washing a big pot or bowl that I can use as a dishpan, since the thing is just way too big to fill for a few things.

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