Any first-hand experience buying table from tablelegs dot com?

LinelleAugust 1, 2013

Have any of you ordered a complete table (top, apron, legs) from tablelegs dot com? I have been looking for a new dining table (matching chairs not required) on and off for years without really finding what I'm after. I'm somewhat limited in space, so 60" long is my preferred length. I've got an old maple hand-me-down table that is bulletproof.

The complete table kit at tablelegs would let me get everything I want design-wise. I think I'd go with either maple or oak, oak allowing me more stain choices (I think). The price, including shipping across the country, is very reasonable. It's about half the price of something somewhat comparable from Room & Board. The rub is, I'd have to assemble it myself. It sounds like it's all drilled and good to go, but wonder if it's that easy. I've assembled a Crate & Barrel media console and just needed help flipping it right-side up.

The other thing is, I'd have to stain and seal it myself. Maybe not a bad thing. It's been a while since I refinished furniture, but I once did my current table and chairs.

So, just wondering if any of you have had direct experience (or know of anyone else who has) with tablelegs dot com. Specifically the quality of the wood, the ease (or not) of assembly, or anything else that might influence my decision.

ETA: I realize there may be other forums (woodworking?) that might seem a better place for this, but the expertise and traffic here can't be beat. :)

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By all accounts the tables are a breeze to install. The woods they use are excellent, substantially better than you will find in most mainstream furniture.

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horton, thanks so much for the feedback! That's the feeling I got about quality and ease of putting it together. It's also nice to be able to choose an exact size and leg style, plus the edge as well, at no extra cost. Thanks again!

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linelle, I'd love to see pics of your table when you get it, with and without the finish.

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jelly, oh definitely, if that's the way I go. I would imagine it wouldn't be too hard to put together upside down.

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