Fringe area rug for basement?

SheeshareeIIDecember 19, 2010

We're looking at rugs for DH's man cave in the basement. Flooring is Pergo brazilian cherry. While at Lowes we found this rug and both liked it. It says 100% polypropylene but when I looked online, what I think is the same rug, says olefin. I don't know what the difference is really. Also says the rug is tufted and the type of rug is fringe. I'e never had an experience with fringe carpet. Anyone want to give any thoughts to this? I was just so happy he's over the bear boarder rug from Cabelas. :)

A shot of a smaller rug. I have to measure but we'll probably need an 8x10.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowes link

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Olefin is the manufacturer, poly-p the material. You should know that such a rug will need a strong vacuum as it collects dirt deep down, plus are you planning on using a good rubber mat underneath - you don't want anyone to go flying if they're e.g. playing some active video game.

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I don't think I've ever seen a picture of your basement. Hint hint. :)

Not sure about the fringe rug, it looks more suited for a bedroom, and I agree, the vacuuming can be quite the challenge.

Have you thought about a braided rug for the basement? A basement would be the perfect spot for one. You can get them in many colors ( is a great place to find them), low prices, and they're heavy so there won't be any slippage if it gets a lot of foot traffic.

I also think braided rugs adds character to a room, which most basements are lacking.

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I had one of those rugs and I agree the vacuuming is definately a challenge. Luckily it was a small rug so I used to shake it, eventually got rid of it. IMO the rug doesnt speak man cave to me.

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I had two rugs like that and I had to get rid of them. While they are beautiful, they are a pain to clean. Unfortunately my Dyson cleaner was almost impossible to push over the carpet and it would constantly bog down (making a horrible loud noise).

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After looking around more last night, frieze looks similar. ?

Larke, Mohawk is the maker. We have a Dyson animal and I was worried if it would work well or hold up well. We'll use a pad probably from Overstock when we get a rug.

Oakley, I did post a photo of part of it the other day for someone talking about their paint color was too dark for the basement. It's not real exciting yet with just floors and paint. There's no base, no furniture. ect. Only Dh's main room and hall are finished. The other three rooms need flooring and two need painted. I'm not sure I'd be able to convince DH of a braided rug or not. He really liked the look of sisal but we both know that won't work well with cats.

Rose, Thanks for telling me about your rug! The rug is neutral and that's a good thing for this room. His original plans a few years ago were pretty scary - he wanted dark green carpeting and camo furniture, etc. The room will have hunting stuff all over the place but I still think it can be done without looking like hunting camp and he was really excited about this rug.

Bleigh, " Unfortunately my Dyson cleaner was almost impossible to push over the carpet and it would constantly bog down (making a horrible loud noise). "
Thank you for that!

After hearing how challenging it is to clean, we won't be getting this rug. Thanks everyone!

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