Does Cambria Quartz have to have extra support under it?

marti8aAugust 25, 2012

At Lowes, the standard size is 2cm for quartz and 3cm is special order. He said they sell mostly 2cm. Does that require plywood under it? What about the 3cm?

Why the switch? Dh talked to someone who raved about Cambria, and he saw theirs. It was Cambria Buckingham. I still like the look of granite better, but the fabricator did tell me that they are able to get a tighter seam with quartz.

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All 2cm counters require plywood subtops. In the scheme of things though, quartz is likely to be almost double the price of your low granite quotes and I thought you had already ruled out some expensive granites due to cost.

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That's right, I had. The fabricator dh talked to said that he has some that compare to the lower grade of granite I picked. I'm afraid it's the kind of quartz that looks like a polished aggregate patio. But it's the first interest dh has shown in looking for counters, so I'm letting him run with it.

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I thought one thing about cambria was that all colors cost the same?

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I don't know writersblock, unless it's some slabs he has at his warehouse that haven't sold well and he has reduced the price on them. I'll find out tomorrow or Tuesday, as the countertop selection is all back on me again.

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