Anyone used BM Barley, Safari, Straw or French Toast paint?

Scarlett001December 4, 2012

Sorry, I meant to post this is the Paint section of the forum but accidentally posted it here in Decorating.

I am looking at colours that bring a bit more apricot into the picture than my Ivoire paint which is creamy yellow during the day (which is actually nice) but greenish-yellow at night. I don't want to repaint, but this greenish cast of Ivoire in my house at night is not nice at all.

I no longer trust colour matching, so want to use an existing BM colour. A few options are Barley, Safari, Straw, French Toast. Anyone use any of these? I have not bought test paint yet - just in the early stages of researching new colours.

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What type of light bulbs do you use?

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We have straw in our dining room and hallway. I have heard it described as a neutral with a "hint" of yellow, but in our rooms it's very sunny, bright and saturated. Which I love, but I'm not sure what look you're going for.

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We used barley in our last house and loved it. I love yellow walls. As I recall, barley was the darkest of the yellows we used and it was in the tiny entryway and on the fireplace wall.

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Yes, I had thought Straw might be too bright. Ivoire was if anything a bit too understated, but I don't want the paint too bright.

I thought that barley might be a good compromise. Does Barley look pure yellow or are their apricot/warm undertones to it at all? I am trying to get a yellow that has a bit of apricot undertones to it so not quite a pure yellow. I want more apricot undertones in an attempt to move away from the green undertones showing up at night.

I found that the Reveal bulbs are best for the current Ivoire as it gets rids of the green undertones showing up at night a bit - they are still there but better.

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Honestly I am not the person to ask about undertones. I'm just not nearly as observant as the color people here. But I would describe it, from memory and in that house (which was fairly dark due to mature trees) as a golden-yellow. I don't remember apricot or orange undertones. Is there a way for you to find out the formula for the paint? Maybe that would help with the undertones question?

Sorry I am not more helpful.

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Hop over to kitchens. I believe 2littefishies did her cabinets in barley. Very beautiful. She says it changes throughout the day. I'm typing on my phone, can't post a link, but she is currently pulling the kitchen together so she's easy to find.

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Safari had a strong green undertone in our master bedroom, I went w/SW Whole Wheat instead...still has green undertone but not as pronounced and it works very well with antique carpets. I'd call it a warm mustard-y gold.

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Maybe look at BM Asbury Sand. I've only seen in it pictures, but it looks to be a pretty yellow-apricot color.

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I painted my family room Straw. I would call it a warm yellowy-gold during the day; it does have a slightly mustardy undertone at night. Agree with sas95, it is a saturated color. In my foyer, I used a lighter color on the same color strip as Straw, which is Filtered Sunlight; it does has apricot undertones, never goes greenish. I'd call it more of a cream with apricot undertones than a yellow or gold with apricot undertones.

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Wow, this is fascinating to read. Oh oh re the Safari - if it reads green undertones in your room, then it will in my house no doubt. I actually decided it may be a tad darker than I want. Interesting that Straw can look mustardy at night - that would not work for me so I may have to steer clear of that too.

Bookmom and others, do the lighter tones have less tendency to play green undertones than darker colours?? (seems to be the case for Bookmom's experience above)

I am now opening up the possibility to lighter colours - a bit more colour than a strictly off-white but lighter than Ivoire (or other mid-range colours). But I will do anything to avoid green undertones. They are the big no-no for me!!

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Scarlett, DO NOT discount a color because someone here says it has a certain undertone in their space! You really have to sample the colors in your space. In my previous house I had a hard time finding a beige/tan for my foyer and hallways. I avoided SW Killim beige because people kept saying it had a skin/bandaid look. After paying to repaint the 2-story foyer TWICE I tried the Killim beige and it was the perfect neutral beige for my space, with no undertones. An expensive lesson.

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Try a sample of Ralph Lauren Cottonwood, or Devonshire. Both are really pretty.

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Scarlett, I don't know why Straw goes a bit mustardy at night (I still like it though) and Filtered Sunlight does not. Both are at the front of my house with a southern exposure; foyer has a lot of exposed golden oak floor, FR has furniture and different lighting, etc. FWIW, I sampled a number of BM creams/off-whites/pale yellows in the foyer, and Filtered Sunlight ended up being my favorite in the space. I used to have BM Mystic Beige in the foyer and hated it; old Barbie doll skin and bandaids, ugh--but it probably is a beautiful pale chocolate milk shade at someone else's house.

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I have barley on my walls. It s very saturated in daylight. I have 2 big skylights here.

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We have both Straw and Filtered Sunlight as well. We don't get a mustardy read from the Straw, but in our light it goes from saturated to very saturated. The Filtered Sunlight reads like a cream at night and a soft yellow in the daylight. I love both colors, but much of my house is painted some shade of yellow.

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Also try these shades.. a couple of shades lighter than BM Barley.

BM #198 Cornsilk
BM #200 Westminster Gold

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We have BM golden straw in the library, no apricot undertones whatsoever. Pale during the day, yellower at night. In rooms with no natural light it is a light, frothy lemon color.

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