Never-MT ? how many at kitchen sink?

wallycatAugust 19, 2012

My current sink (which we are replacing) has a hole for the soap dispenser. It is great to have when it is filled, which made me realize I can make it a "never-MT" when we replace it.

Then I wondered if I should also get another hole for a dish-soap dispenser.

Does anyone have both as the never-mt set up or just hand soap?

Or has anyone had extra holes for lotion/soap/etc and wished they would have not had the extra holes put in and stuck with having these items on the counter?


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I personally don't care for the cluttered look of two or more soap dispensers. I originally planned for one for hand soap, but after people said they use dish soap for hand-washing too, I thought that was a no-brainer. I was a little concerned the dish soap would be drying since I wash several times while cooking, but it's not been a problem in the two months I've had my new kitchen. As for lotion, why not just put a bottle in the powder room?

At first I wanted the Never-MT, but I bought a Kohler pump with a 16 oz bottle. I haven't refilled it yet, and like I said, I use it for dish and hand washing. I can handle refilling it a few times a year. Actually, I don't see the big deal in refilling it anyway. We didn't have any problem with over-flow. I also didn't want to have to buy soap that was Never-MT friendly, since some people seem to have better luck with certain soaps or need to water down the soap.

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Thanks for your response.
I think our current holder is 16 oz and I am replacing the hand soap every 2 or so months...a royal pain to unscrew and screw it back in.

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The top of the Kohler just lifts off. You do need to buy the top-fill dispensers.

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Aside from the $50 for it, don't you still have to stick your head under there to make sure you don't overflow it?
I buy my softsoap in bulk from costco and can't gauge 16 oz easily just from pouring.
Still....if I went with it, the question would be two (each dish-soap and hand soap) or just one?

Appreciate the feedback!

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I also use dish soap for hand washing while in the kitchen. I never even considered a hand soap dispenser. Personally, I wouldn't want another hole drilled for that.

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I considered it but just put one at each sink. We thought about making one hand soap (prep sink) and one dish soap, but right now we have Dawn at both. If they can clean birds with it, my hands -- which may have the same greasy food stuff on them, can use it. Keep in mind that it only takes a dot or two of Dawn to wash your hands. A full squirt is wasted and may dry your hands out, especially in winter (I put the Olay Dawn at my prep sink).

The Never MT is well worth it. I gave one to my mom and dad for their kitchen and found it, still in the package, when we sold his house and cleared it out. I was happy no one else had a clue what it was and claimed it before it hit the trash. ;-)

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I can't even see the bottle to my soap dispenser. I have a deep sink and it's wedged in behind the sink. When we top-filled it, we were able to see when we were getting close. It's on a peninsula so maybe we have a better view than if it was against a wall. You could use a measuring cup to fill it.

I think if you have a 36" sink, two would look okay. Maybe you should try washing your hands with dish soap for awhile and see if you like it.

I don't understand your reference to $50.

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