Need a good alternative to carrara marble

lmrinc_gwAugust 28, 2010

We remodeled our kitchen 3.5 years ago but hate the colors....we have dark wood floor medium brown cabinets and butcher block counter tops that were supposed to be temporary. We finally ready to get the "real' counter tops but I really really want carrara marble, but I know it's probably not a good idea (over improving). We want white but I just can't find a good comp. to the marble.

I love the crisp clean look the carrara marble offers and the other things I'm seeing don't bring the clean look.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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check out madre perla quartzite. also search on this forum, there are many other threads with this same question that might be helpful.

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If your only reason to stay away from marble is overimproving, you should go for it. You can probably get carrara for less $$ than some of the alternatives, and none of the alternatives look the same up close. You will be the one stairing at your counters every day, get what you really like.

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Do a "white granite" search. There's a white quartzite that several people have used...look at firsthouse mp's kitchen. That's the closest I've seen anyone come to the Carrara look. We had thought of marble, too, but wanted the kind that was way more than we could afford. We went with Bianco Antico granite (a lot of recent kitchens have used this, too) but it's way more veining/color/busy-ness than you want, I'm sure.

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Price out the carrara with atleast 2 reputable companies before you lose hope or sleep. Wanting the same clean look, I priced out quartzites (3x the price of the marble); cambria quartz (about 4k over the marble) and Zodiaq (on sale, was the same price as marble). I priced out granites as well (River white, Bianco Romano, and Kashmir white) The River white and Kashmir were the same as marble and the Bianco was 3K more. I will be having the marble put in a few weeks from now! I did pay the 650 dollar upgrade for the lifetime sealer to avoid stains (but not all etching). Hopefully, it was money well spent. Good luck!

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I found Persian white for my master bath. It has a touch of pink(?) in addition to the white & gray and is perhaps a bit more busy, but not much. I selected the leather finish as it seems to hold up well (personal test in my own bathroom); it is also lovely honed.

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You could put carrara in some key places like the island or around sink or beside stove and leave some of the butcher block. The mix of the two could be both functional and pretty.

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Price out the carrara. It is one of the cheaper stones out there! We got our kitchen done in honed and polished and LOVE it!!!!!

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