Opinions please on stove backsplash choices

deedlesAugust 8, 2013

Okay, narrowed my stove backsplash to 2 contenders. (click for bigger images)

First is a copper panel to try to tie in the copper apron sink and the second is to continue the white (TBD which white) subway behind the stove wall and then have a lovely Motawi type center tile.

Please ignore the walls of the room behind the stove wall. I was playing with some wood brick options, but DH is heavily in favor of vertical knotty pine walls, so there won't be that brick pattern behind the brick pattern of the subway tile. I just didn't feel like changing the image right now :>/

Also is a pic of the sink (sorry for everyone that has seen that too much already) for comparison with the backsplash options. Please ignore everything in the sink picture but the sink. Another old playing around image.

So, what does everyone/anyone think of the two options as far as the overall look?

addendum: it's just occurred to me that with the knotty pine walls in the room behind... will that take away the pop factor of the copper panel? Wondering if the copper will fade into the room behind it? hmmm...

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I like the 2nd one with the tile. I agree the copper just fades away.

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Another vote for the subways.

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I like that the copper seems neutral or as Debra put 'fades away'. To my eye that allows the stove to shine, and I love the stove. I say let the stove be the star.

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Localeater, interesting you say it lets the stove be the star. I actually think the green in the tile makes the stove pop more.

Interesting how everyone can see the same thing but view it differently.

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I feel like the knotty pine is more in theme with copper than subway....so, I think copper.

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2 each way so far....

Maybe I should have the white subway with a copper insert?

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Good idea.

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Copper. your sink and stove are the stars-I say let them shine-the copper does allow the stove to be more showcased, and it ties in that gorgeous sink. :)

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It's hard to visualize well enough to try to guess, Deedles. Definitely the copper would become part of a mostly monochromatic color scheme, and the green, which looks like it is fairly similar in value, would probably blend more than contrast.

White tile would definitely grab attention to the stove area and "sprighten" up the green. I especially like that it would create the opportunity to show off a beautiful, special Craftsman-style feature tile. Custom?

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Okay, changed out the walls... thought it might make a difference.

Now does the copper look a little, boring... ?

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I almost always select the simple ones but if the picture of the Motawi center tile is the one shown I would do it. It brings out the range and looks so natural with the windows in the next room

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Rosie, probably custom. The one shown is a motawi design that you can order. I wish I could get glaze samples but they don't offer them.

eandhl! You're right! I never thought of that so thank you for pointing that out about the windows, because outside the windows is a little river and we do have herons that sit and fish right across the river from those windows. How cool would that be to have the heron tile and then look past it to a real heron?

You may have just come up with the winning opinion!

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I don't think I would do subway but like tile with the heron above. Can picture something handcrafted and earthy like Motawi. I liked the copper in the first set with the busy background but would prefer something to look at as well as breaking up the brown with the knotty pine, shown in the second set.

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snookums2: I would also like some Motawi type tile for the whole BS, but it's out of my price range, unfortunately. I can spring for a little Motawi accent and offset with lower priced tile elsewhere. I agree with the brown issue. I'm glad I redid the pics with the knotty pine... it really did make a difference. Duh, I should know this after 2 years of GW!

As far as subway tile, the kitchen has a bit of a craftsmen influence and I thought the rectangular subway tile worked will with that. The gumwood kitchen of Sayde's comes to mind...

Here is a link that might be useful: sayde's kitchen

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not to mention farmgirlinky's gorgeous kitchen. Both her and Saydes kitchens have had a huge influence on where mine is going....

Here is a link that might be useful: farmgirlinky's kitchen

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Understand on the budget! Could be others less expensive around. You know your kitchen and feel of your home better than anyone else. Go with your gut.

Love that kitchen!

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Deedles - For some reason your pictures are quite small and I am having trouble seeing the Motawi in your pictures.
I like the copper look but since I am from A2 - I know how beautiful (and $$) those Motawi tiles can be.
I like Snookums response - go with your gut.

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I'm sorry, I can never seem to get the picture sizes right no matter how many times I save them bigger. ughhh.

The tile as shown isn't an actual motawi now that I've looked for it again... it's from an arts and crafts tile company in Michigan. Still in the $$$$ range, though.

Probably true to form, I'll have to wait and see the kitchen come into shape before I (change my mind completely) make up my mind.

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Deedles - No problem - do you live in Michigan?
There are a couple of high end craft tile companies in Michigan - pewabic and Motawi are the 2 most well known.

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I love green and brown together. I prefer the copper color.

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Deedles I still love the copper, what would happen if you used the decorative tile insert with the copper.
Also for decorative tile in the style check out Prairie Mile Tile on Etsy. I just rec'd two tiles from them that I purchased, and I love them- Edgar and Odin. I am hanging them as wall art.
While you are on Etsy, do a search on Heron Tile you will see some lovely things....

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Here is the copper with the tile. This looks nice too, doesn't it. Okay, gotta not rule out the copper after seeing this. This'll require more thought.
Local: those tiles are beautiful! I'm also emailing an artist in Michigan about doing a tile mural based on the tile that is to the right of the stove image.

Do I have to use some of the white in the copper area to connect it visually to the white subway everywhere else or is it okay for it to stand on its own? Maybe I could trim out the tile insert with a white pencil tile if needs be?

I appreciate the opinions... once again GW helps me to slow down and think about things a little more...

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Here I've pasted together the tile from the Michigan guy into a triptych and used white pencil border. Thoughts on this? Also stuck the sink into the pic for comparison sake.

(the tile is probably larger than it will be. Looking at 6x18 +trim.)

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I agree that the copper blends in too much with the wood. Maybe you could use the white tiles and the accent triptych but put a copper pencil liner around it such as this:

Here is a link that might be useful: metal pencil liners

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Not a fan of the copper. It's not a perfect match to the sink nor the walls behind so, to me, it just looks like it's trying a bit too hard. I do like the subways with the accent in your first pic as it makes your stove pop out.

But the latest accent tiles are a clash IMO. I think you need to be really careful with the accent tiles in that they have to be a near perfect match to your range color or else they detract away from your range. The later accent tiles are too different a shade of green.

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Taggie: agreed on the tile colors. The man that makes this particular one can do any color combination. At the least, I think the tile should have a touch of the stove color in it. The sink does, too, so some color cohesiveness between elements would be there.

Badger: Good call... now I've outlined the tile with white in the copper field and with the copper pencil you posted in the white subway. To my eye, that copper pencil tile around the feature tile is echoing the wood trim around the openings, too. See what you think:

THE IMAGE GREMLINS ARE HAUNTING ME! Click the image for a larger version on my photobucket page. Sorry for the putzing with images.

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sitting here brainstorming with DH. Came up with this alternate plan, still white but now pebble tile (which we have just enough left over from the bathroom floor) instead of subway. Also, made the range hood bigger so no more little squares of tile above the hood. Please click on image to enlarge.

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Hi Deedles! All of these are charming options and the kitchen is going to be gorgeous. I love the brightness of the white subways tiles. I wonder if you would consider using subtle accents between tiles?

Between two white 3" x 6" subway tiles, lay one 1.5" x 1.5" square copper tile over same sized green (glass or ceramic) square tile. The overall appearance would be that of the white subway, with a little oomph. Wish I could draw it for you but I'm away from my real computer.

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I much prefer the heron tile on the copper rather than the white. The white is killin' me. Do you need white? Are the counters white. If you used a cream instead what would that look like?

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I agree with enduring. No to the white in any shape, esp. those pebble tiles. Your decorative tile(s) and stove deserve better. Of all the choices floated thus far, I prefer the copper. It does go with the kitchen and the tile. It's gonna patina, right? And be less bright?

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I prefer the copper. Your range already makes such a statement that I think the subtlety of the copper is a better fit. IMO you don't want to have all of these different design elements that are all trying to compete with each other. Just choose one to be the focal point, and you've already done that with your range.

This is also a case where none of us sitting at computer screens can truly visualize your setting with your lighting in your kitchen. Get the real materials and set them up as samples in your kitchen. Look at them for a week in different types of lighting at different times of day, and eventually you will know.

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My vote is for the copper. I think if you want the stove to be the statement, then the backsplash will compete with that if it is too bright and bold. The copper is more subtle and allows the stove to really be the centerpiece. If that is what you want...

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Hmmm.... I didn't expect the strong backlash to the pebbles.

As far as the stove being the star, eh... I'm not really trying to have that be the case. The reason for those cut outs is the view to our little river and really it seems THAT is the star no matter what is in the house. It's hard not to look at water, you know?

Maybe as the kitchen is framed up more and IF I can talk DH into a solatube (it's a dark kitchen without that) then at that point I can put the various samples up in the real lighting and make a determination. It's hard to work off the image entirely as the cabinets aren't the right color nor the woodwork.

Okay. I'll be bringing this thread back in a new form after we make a bit more progress. Thank you all for weighing in. Even if I haven't gotten it nailed down yet, I feel closer to the final result. One thing though for sure, I really like the tile behind the stove no matter what ultimately surrounds it. So that's a good thing.

Here is the view today out the windows fwiw:

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A star is born! The stove is a standout, whether intended or not. It's a prominent feature, a big girl, and the less fussy detail the better. I'd kill to have your view, you are really blessed. The less I have to look past to take in the view, the better. The beautiful custom tile is incredible. I just don't think any other tile around it works, it may actually diminish it.

Thank you for being so open to all the input. :)

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Dido :) I love the heron tile. Such a tribute to that beautiful bird.

(...she says quietly as all the white subway is removed, "there that is so much more peaceful")

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linelle: I think you have finally named my stove after trying to think of one for 5 years... "big girl" it is! We are blessed and I try to remember to count my blessings everyday. Your words about the tile are filed in the 'keep' drawer, thank you.

enduring: you make me laugh... and peaceful... you're right there. Also in the 'keep drawer'.

please all check in when you see my "Ok it's time for the backsplash" thread again. Probably be a few between then and now for sure, ha!

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deedles, a couple of years ago I adopted two kittens, often seen on my counter and in photos here in GW. Brother and sister, fraternal twins, but otherwise identical. I had a name already picked out for the male (Zephyr) but was at a loss for the female because I had sworn to never ever again get a female cat. Yeah, right. I had no names for girl cats. Although technically tuxedos, their markings are more like Holstein cows. I was chatting with an internet friend on Facebook, someone I've never met in person, and she said, what about Bessie? I knew in an instant that was the name for this little girl and she is a Bessie through and through. And forever changed my opinion about female cats. :)

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I really like the heron over the copper!

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Connie K

I really, really like the pebble tile and the heron!

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Another vote for the copper. The pebble is very pretty.

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Deedles - that is an amazing view! I wish I had something like that but just in a sub.

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I love the cut outs to see outside and love the idea of some tile or mural that brings the outdoors in. If the 1st heron is to expensive I looked up these and like some of the deer crossing river, even the bear etc murals. http://www.tilemuralstore.com/tile-murals/
Don't know how they compare in price.

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