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kit730August 14, 2013

We're doing a kitchen remodel and need to make some sink decisions.

I loved the Franke Orca when I saw it because it seemed really well made and I loved the grid because I thought it will very useful for draining pasta or wash/dry vegetables & fruits. The price seemed steep. In the meanwhile a friend suggested Blanco Silgranit. I liked that too, however I could find good accessories for draining washed vegetables (didn't like the basket). So I'm thinking of going with the Orca even though it is almost double the price.

My questions -

1) With the Orca sink, if I use the grid on the right, where should the soap dispenser be. In the pictures and displays I've seen, it is on the right side. But if I'm using the right side shelf, should the soap dispenser be on the left? Because if the soap is the right I'll be wetting the things that are draining/drying on the right shelf? Can people who are using the sink please comment on where you think the soap dispenser should be?

2. Should I get the bottom grid as well? Do you find it useful or is it actually not needed?

3. Any thoughts on Franke Orca Vs. Blanco Silgranit?

Thanks much.

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Hi kit,

We installed the Orca about 2 months ago and love it. We have both the bottom grid and right side grid, uncoated. The uncoated was recommended to us because the coated melts if a hot pot is set on it. I do not notice any scratching with the uncoated grid.

We have our soap dispenser on the right and it is OK in that location. I have it on the left for my prep sink, however, I think it would be too far back with the Orca on the left hand side.

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We had the Orca (loved it!) in our previous house - we had both grids (mine were coated, but I can see the reasoning behind getting the uncoated). Our soap dispenser was on the left (air switch for disposal, air gap and hot water dispenser were on the right). Worked fine for us.

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I loved the Orca when I first saw it at the very start of my planning. Then I decided I was getting a Silgranite 1-3/4 low divide, right up until time to order. I spent months planning around and pricing the Silgranite. Then inside of a day I switched to the Orca and haven't looked back (that is what I called The Great Sink Freakout of April). By that time I had long since ordered the cabinets, the flooring was on order, etc, etc, so the couple hundred dollars difference for that important an item really didnt phase me.

We LOVE the Orca! I got the bottom and right grids, uncoated, based on threads I read here. I also got the colander thing that sits on top. We often have things dring in three levels, bottom rack, right rack, colander. I also start pans soaking, then slide them under the right rack. That leaves the whole sink still useable. I've also filled it up with small containers and things, then set a bin of soapy water on the right grid. It was so much easier than before, I could wash everything at a comfortable height and toss back into the sink. Then just rinse and put on the drying mat when it was all clean.

My best advice, having been in your shoes not that long ago, is to forget about the price difference (unless you start talking $2 k sinks or something). Narrow things to 2-3 that you think will function best, then listen to your heart.

Trust me, by the time you hit about week 4 with no sink, you'll wonder why it was so hard to pick because ANY of your choices would feel like winning the lottery :-)

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