What size should a step-in corner pantry be?

amberleyAugust 21, 2008

I am toying with different pantry solutions, and one of the things I am trying to do to cut down costs is go with a "closet" pantry as opposed to a cabinetry one. So, what size footprint does a "step-in", or small walk-in pantry need to be? Also, what size door opening is comfortable?

I would like to store all food items (except spices, oils, etc) as well as most of my small appliances, except the big stand mixer and possibly the food processor. The pantry will not include the utility items like brooms, etc-I will have a separate space for that.

Any pics and dimensions would be greatly appreciated!

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My pantry has 32" wide French doors. It's 24" deep and 53" wide. The top shelf is 9" deep, the 2nd & 3rd are 12" deep, the 4th 18", and the bottom 12". On the left side the top shelf is 9" deep and the rest are all 12". On the right all shelves are 8" deep.

Like you I store spices, oils, vinegars elsewhere. Even with the microwave in the pantry I still have plenty of room.

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I have a corner step-in pantry that's not done yet and that will hold the same stuff yours will...in addition to a MW and oils. We just put up the beadboard and now need to paint before we put in the shelves. It's dimensions are:

Starting with the door wall and moving clockwise:
Interior: 35-1/2" x 20-1/2" x 40-3/4" x 52-3/4" x 27"
Exterior: 40-1/2" x 27" x ?? x ?? x 33-1/2"
Door: 24"

(?? is on the walls that I cannot get an exterior measurement for b/c they are either on the outside wall or on the FR wall w/no way to tell where they begin.)

Shelves will be 18" deep on the 40-3/4" wall and 15" on the 52-3/4" wall. Distances b/w each are yet TBD, but I want them to be at least far enough apart to stack 2-cans high as well as hold my flour/sugar/etc containers

This first picture is of the 52-3/4 wall

Picture of the Message Center Niche that's in the 27" wall (facing/in the doorway b/w the FR & Kitchen)

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natal- that is a beautifully done pantry. I too will be going with the two skinny doors instead of one larger one to cut down on the door swing space. I also like your nice thick looking shelves. Are they faced with a trim, or are the boards that thick?

Also, would you mind sharing the manufacturer of your doors? That style is exactly what I want (for the whole house). I also love the dark hardware against the white? Is it black or ORB?

buehl, I am so silly. I just posted askign you about your sharb inspired pantry on anther thread. I think I forgot to check the box to have follow-ups emailed to me, so I didn't realize you ahd responded to this one. OOPS! Your kitchen is looking fantastic! I am really looking forward to seeing your finished pantry. It looks like it it will be the closet to what I am thinking about from pics that I have found. I really like that message center niche! What do you plan for that space- shelves? bulletin board? How much stuff do you plan on having in there.

My message center area has been one of my annoying things that I haven't been able to find a good solution for, until I tried working with the corner pantry idea. But, of course, everything is a trade off, and I have to give up more counter space to do the pantry....

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The niche is going to hold:

Shelf: Phone w/built-in answering machine + cup for pens/pencils + 3"x3" note paper in a holder

Going up: Hooks to hold keys

Above that: Calendar (Charles Wysocki Americana calendar) w/day blocks big enough to write in events (the calendar used to be above our sink in the old kitchen...it used it be in the approx location of our current cooktop)

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Amberly, the shelves are faced with trim. Had to remove it on the one directly above the microwave so the oven would fit.

We had all the interior doors in the remodel/addition made to match existing doors. Same with window trim. I have to give the GC credit for doing a great job on both of those. Can't say the same about the whole project, but he did come through in some things.

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I saw your other post, but will answer here. Thanks to Buehl, our pantry is Sharb inspired, too!...Because I used the measurements she posted to help determine the best spacing for our shelves.

Ours is not a corner pantry, and is smaller...Only 4 ft across the back and 44" deep, so yours sounds particularly wonderful and nicely sized. I do suggest that you make sure to have room or a niche to get the vacuum cleaner out of your way. My broom, Power Swiffer, and step stools are not yet hung up out of the way, and it's a pain to have things standing on the floor in front of where I need to step in and reach or pullout out other things. Maybe yours will be big enough to get around the vacuum without hassle, but I still think it'd be best for it to have it's own place, as much out of the way as possible. --But maybe you've already planned to do that.

Here are photos of ours, just so you can get an idea of how much it holds.

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I will have a corner pantry that is approx 4' X 4' with 9" shelves and a 24" door. It will hold canned foods, some small appliances, etc. Brooms & vacuum will be stored in another closet. My kitchen is gutted and pantry should be framed in the next few days.

Love the pictures of the pantries above!

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mrs.-mjt- I look forward to seeing your completed project!

rhome- thanks for the pics and dimensions, that is very helpful to see it in use!

buehl- can't wait to see that niche completed (and the rest of the pantry too!)

Just so there isn't any confusion, I am linking to the other pantry post where I asked buehl about her pantry. This way we can keep the info together at least.

Here is a link that might be useful: amberley's other pantry thread

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