Floor with Oak Cabinets

futuremrsrAugust 14, 2011

Please help as I am going crazy. This is the first step of all my redecorating and I don't want to make a mistake. I posted a couple weeks ago and several people offered suggestions (thanks to all that did). I am putting hardwood floors down and wanted to know what hardwood floor would go with my oak cabinets. Hubby wants to keep the oak cabinets and I am OK with that as I think once I change the appliances, install new countertops and get new flooring they will be fine. All furniture, lamps, etc are being replaced (they were only used for staging). Oak dining table will stay. Almost everyone seemed to agree to go with white oak satin. I am so worried it will be way to much oak. I was at the store and thought about trying to match the darker color in the grain of the cabinets. It appears a little grey like. If I decided not to go with the white oak with this maple look ridiculous? Or should I just go with the white oak? Feel free to offer any other suggestion. I would really appreciate your help. FYI the new floor will run all along where the current white tile is. I may decide to put ceramic tile in ONLY the kitchen but not sure yet. That was a suggestion that might help break up the new floors from the cabinets.

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What a beautiful space to work with.
Lots of light coming in through your windows. Lovely.
You must be excited to make some changes.
I think any hardwood would be fine.
I lean toward red or white oak because they stain pretty
but any species could work for you.
What wood do you like?
What about the color? Stain?
Is that pic at the bottom of the post the color you
are going with?
Keep in mind that color is a cool tone and your kitchen
seems warm to me. Are you keeping the same color stain on
your cabs? Or are you gel staining them to a cooler color?
Like the pic in the bottom ?


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I would coordinate your floor decision with your counter-top decision. Are you planning on going with a lighter or darker counter-top? I have light oak cabinets and decided to go with a lighter counter-top- Monte Bello granite.

While selecting my granite I read that you can choose either a light counter-top or a dark counter-top with light cabinets. However, it is generally recommended to go with a light counter-top with dark cabinets.

Once I selected my counter-top, I found that only wood floors looked good with it and also that a medium stain really made the counter-top look nice. I was really trying to find a tile that went with it (we have dogs that are hard on wood floors)- but none looked nearly as good as the wood. Likewise, when we needed to replace carpet in master bath, I found that nothing looked as good with the white cabinets and marble looking counter as a natural stone tile.

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On a side-note, I wanted to add that I agree with boxerpups. I would prefer to see a warmer toned wood in your kitchen. I read that a wood floor should be one to two shades lighter or darker than the cabinets.

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Well all of you and the last group convinced me that I need to go with the white oak floors. Boxercups. I think you hit the nail on the head that the kitchen is warm and the grayish floor is cool. I want a warm kitchen. JLGC, we are definitely going with a dark counter. Although I know it is extremely popular one of our favorites so far is Uba tuba. Without knowing how popular it is, I went right to it. Thanks for all your help. Sooooooo much appreciate you taking the time to help.

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sorry....Boxerpups...not cups....silly me

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JLGC...wow, great now I am even more confused. Thought I loved the dark granite but i have to say I am loving the Monte Nello! It looks fabulous. Do you by any chance of pictures of it with your oak cabinets. Would love to see then together. Off to do some more searching and will surely be more confused.

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I don't know how to post pictures. I will ask someone to help me take a couple of pictures on the cell phone and post them. However, I have to tell you I do like the idea of going with a darker granite in your kitchen. The Uba Tuba would go nicely. The only thing about picking a granite with a definite color tone is that it makes it difficult to change your color scheme in the future.
However, I do think the Uba Tuba would look great. Another option for a dark granite might be Baltic Brown.If you are going with stainless appliances, you might want to conisder black with silver flecks to pick-up the color of the appliances.

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Ubatuba is beautiful...
Along with Baltic Brown, Verde Peacock, Butterfly Blue....
So many choices.
And here are a few visual ideas.

Volfa Blue


Tropic Brown


Kashmir Gold

Verde Peacock

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I found this granite that seems like it would pick-up beautifully on the color of your cabinets. I think the colors would allow for your current color scheme and allow you to change colors in the future. I think it would also give you a unique look for your kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Autumn Brown Granite

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I like boxerpup's photo of tropic brown and found another in which cabinets look very close to yours.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tropic Brown

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I also found a kitchen with walls that are sage green and cabinets similar to yours that look fantastic with the Black Pearl granite. In this thread there are pics of Black Pearl with oak cabinets too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Pearl

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Wow! Thank you Boxepups and JLGC. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for my husband (guess I should change my name from futuremrsr to just mrsr :) ) to get home. These pics are amazing. It is so nice to seem them up near cabinets. Thank you both so much. I really appreciate it. I am so sad that I will be moving out of my little tiny house that I have put my heart and soul into decorating, updating, etc and now moving into his house but at least I get to totally start over. I am usually pretty confident in my decorating but the floors and counter top have thrown me for a loop. Thanks again!

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We have put in unstained red oak cabinets, lacquered by the vendor. Our new floor is Menard's red oak, unstained, but with 5 thin layers of Ace Hardware urethane. The floor is a bit lighter than the cabs. It will all darken over time, but probably not a lot, according to what we've been told.

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Very nice florantha. Looks really nice and clean with the cabinet color! Thanks for sharing.

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