feather throw pillows shedding, help!

dgmarieDecember 27, 2009

What can I wrap around my down pillow inserts that will keep them from poking feathers through the inserts and through my throw pillows? There must be something I can wrap them with to stop them from shedding. The 20" pillows have zippered access to the down inserts.

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I did find these from BBandB but I'd need to cut them shorter to fit 20" throws. At $5.99 for two that's pretty cheap. Anything better out there? I need 8 total cases of them for the living room.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=14181598&RN=36&KSKU=109091

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I would try wrapping them in some kind of dacron batting, buy a few yards and cut them to size.

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I asked this same question a while back. Those feathers are sharp!!

Apparently there is a fabric known as down-proof that you could encase them in. The cases you linked to don't mention that, so they might not help you. If you find something quick and easy that works, please let us know.

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I have down cushions in my leather sofa, it's several years old and when new those feathers poking through the leather drove me nuts (and sometimes hurt!). I finally put a thin layer of batting over the down and it slowed it quite a bit. A few years ago I got some silk throw pillows with down in them. (Silk is a zippered case.) I put multiple layers of thin synthetic batting around the down inserts. You'd think if the occasional stray feather still pokes through leather they'd poke through the batting + silk on the pillows, but it's not been a problem (maybe a stray one here and there). Perhaps because there isn't a lot of pressure and movement shoving the feathers around inside the pillows as there is on the sofa?

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The cases I linked are down proof:

"Zippered Pillow Protector (Set of 2), 100% Cotton, 250 Thread Count

Keep your pillows clean and fresh with these zippered pillow protectors that encase your entire pillow. Feather and down proof, they will extend the life of your pillows for years to come. 100% cotton, 250 thread count. Machine wash. Imported. Set includes two pillow protectors"

I was just hoping to find ones I didn't need to alter.

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I would just buy new pillow inserts and get rid of the down pillow inserts.

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Down and feathers are not the same thing.
100% down pillows won't have "feather pokes"...but lots of down feather mixtures will have enough feathers to poke through.
Make cases of heavy count percale or micro fiber for the pillows....don't replace your nice feather/down throw pillows with cheap foam or dacron.
Linda C

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Down and feathers are not the same thing.
If you want to get technical about it, down is a type of feather.

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Hey guys! I've done some research on this subject because I have the same problem. My couch is all down feather filled. It seems like a foolish idea now because when you sit down you are guaranteed to get poked by a sharp feather.
some material needs to be put between the pillow and the pillow case to stop the feathers from coming through


Plastic- will work obviously, but it may come at the risk of your couch having a plastic feel and sound coming from it.

Fabric- a high thread count means that the fabric is thicker and therefore harder for the feathers to
penetrate. What thread count will stop down from coming through.
200 or more thread count will slow the rate at which feathers penetrate and that rate will be determined by the fabric used. 200 however is the universal safe number for ultimate down feather stoppage!

NOW... saying that, there is this magic material designed just for the purpose of stopping the down feather assault it is called TICKING. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ticking
It is what your grandmothers old chair was covered in. It is common at all fabric stores and I used it between my pillows and covers of the couch. since then I have not seen a feather nor felt one! the thread count on ticking is 220. It comes in different patterns as well so it can be used as the outer cover of furniture .

hope this helps,

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DGMarie, long time no see. Sorry about your pillows. Some of my European needle points did the same thing. I changed out the entire stuffing to some kind of phony shredded stuff. It's okay. They are just for decor anyway. I hope you find a better solution.

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Hahaha. Too funny!

How completely crazy to see that I am googling this problem and find MY own post from five years ago.

And NO I still have the problem! Same pillows. Feathers everywhere. I wrapped them in multiple layers of old pillow cases and now those feather are BACK. Well, time to do something I guess.

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Did you try the protectors you linked from BB&B? They seem like a good deal, and I was just looking to get new ones for my pillows. My originals were great, but the zippers are starting to fail.

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Oh, I also wanted to note that washing the pillow protectors every so often helps tighten the fabric back up if the feathers seem to start leaking after a while :)

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