ibmudpieDecember 29, 2013

what shape candle light would you put above this table.
This is my daughters tiny house and she does not want to put regular lights in because of cost.

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I would put candles on the table instead of overhead, this would give you direct light for eating . Maybe a cluster of 6 votive holders in the middle or a large 3 wick candle.

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Annie Deighnaugh

If low cost is a priority, then I'd go to 2nd hand shops or craigs list to look for used chandeliers that you can then remove the wiring and electrical parts and stick candles in the sockets.

Or if you're handy you can make your own with a ring of plywood which is held up by cables and to which you can attach pillar candles.

Look on line for DIY candeliers /chandeliers / candelabras and you'll find lots of ideas.

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Could she swag something that plugged in a nearby outlet?

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I'd be scared to use real candles because of the fire hazard. Maybe check out the Costco wax remote flameless candles with battery powered LED lights. They look so realistic that my DS tried lighting them with a match for a while. Supposedly they last for 500 hours. i just saw them on sale at Costco, 4 four 9.99 and also a bigger pack.

Here is a link that might be useful: flameless candles

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To answer your question about the shape of whatever goes up there, a round fixture would look nice since the table is round. But really, any shape, as long as it fits well within the area of the table, would work. A triangular shape would be interesting.

I like the idea of swagging an electric light fixture. If you google swag light fixture, you will see lots of options. This may be more modern than she is looking for:

Here is a link that might be useful: Under $50 from Home Depot

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Thank you all for the helpful info.
Mitch--Do you think this space is to small for another light?
Annie---I didn't think of painted wood. That is something I will consider.
Nosoccermom---Those candles do look real, definitely worth checking into.
Ineffables---- Daughter does not like swag lights.
Grey Wings----Thanks for letting me know any shape will be ok. We intend to hit the flea markets for something I can transform.

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