Corbels...ues or no?

pqsmomAugust 23, 2012

Greetings GWers! We are in the downhill slide of the reno which is 6 weeks off my schedule, now in the 4th month, which I guess in the gist of things isn't too bad. Called the granite folks this week, hoping they would say install would be this week, instead they have us scheduled the first week of September. oh well, DD will go back to college without a real home cooked meal over break (guess I didn't plan this for the right time, but is there ever?)

So here is my question for you all, because you have helped me out some much already and didn't even know it!! Cabinets are in with the exception of the cabinet front and valence that goes in front of my vent hood. For a couple of reasons, the cabinet front is too high and it was too close to the cooktop for code. Being remade. In the meantime I keep looking at the fluted column and the 3 inch filler that the valence will attach to and not liking how they look. I ordered two corbels from Osborne Wood (those folks are wonderful, BTW!) and have stained them to match. I am thinking about having them installed even with the filler piece which will still leave about 4 inches of the fluted column sticking out. See photo. Then will have a 6 inch pice of solid wood behind the corbel on each side - or may have a small shelf built there for select spices.

Based on the pics, (sorry I couldn't do any better with the corbel shot, but was trying to do it myself!) what do you think?

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It looks good in the picture. How does it look from the side?

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Subject should be Yes or No? Good grief, you would think it was midnight not 12:40 in the afternoon, for how much trouble I am having. Anywho, here is my attempt at holding up the corbel where I think it should go.

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Here is a shot from straight on with the valence.

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I really should just go to bed and call it a day! Here is a shot from the side, CEFreemon. the above was when I convinced DH and DS to help hold the woodwork up for a photo. Guess my question is, where do I have the corbel installed: even with the cabinets or even with the valence or somewhere in between?

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I like the corbels.

How will your insert attach inside your hood cover? I thought there had to be a frame all around it.

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Marti8a, haven't a clue. We have a Broan hood, and the cab installer is putting it in. I assume the hood attaches to the wall and the cabinet facings go in front. I think there is a frame, but it must not come in contact with the wood facing. Install won't be for a couple more weeks.

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