Layout help desperately needed!!

julie1973August 6, 2014

Ok - I'm finally over the fun obsessive planning and am totally frustrated. The problem is the fridge. I don't know where to place it. Originally I had it at the end of the run on the outer end of the U. The planned fridge is 42" french door. I just hate how close it is when the doors are open with people seated at the island. If I move it down to the other end, there is no island, but then it's awfully close to the corner of the U. I also planned to have a 21 inch pantry cabinet right next to the fridge. I think that would look awkward set in the middle of the run as pictured. Maybe if I put the fridge in thee middle and fill in either side with all pantry style cabinets, or the cabinets that sit on the counter? With regard to the picture, the aisles are not set - we are still making adjustments, the area labeled "cubbies/bench" will actually be a wet bar with beverage center., the glass sliders will be a single glass door and the cabinet run with sink next to that will be a bit longer, with no upper cabinets and all windows above. What do you all think - fridge at either end of the U, in the middle, or someplace completely different??? I am pretty set on the current layout with the sink under the window, range at bottom of U and table at the end, but would be interested in others opinions. Beyond the table and wet bar is a sunken family room.

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I would build the fridge in with a wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinets. I'm not sure I would have both a table and seating at the island, though... Seems a bit redundant. If this was my house, I would probably do a built-in banquette and eliminate the island seating.

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Thanks. I definitely want both seating areas -- they will get used. If I put the fridge and pantry near the doorway, we've got max 4.5 ft aisle. I need 22" for fridge door clearance and then space for people seated at the island. I think that's tight. I am thinking of putting the fridge toward the end of the run closer to the bottom of the U where there is no island. I would put a 15" cabinet before the fridge to give some space to open the door, and then the pantry after. Maybe do the upper 15" can with no door and store dishes and bowls there. Thoughts? Fridge further to the right (closer to the door) or left (closer to corner with range). Thanks!!!

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Try an "L" and turning the island 90*. Put the fridge on the range wall with a narrow pull-out pantry between it and the wall so the doors open. With the island turned, you have a nice wide prep space facing the range. You could make it even more functional by putting a prep sink on the island. I'd put it near the fridge, keeping the fridge --> water --> range typical work flow in mind.

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Thanks controlfreak. I was originally planning on an L but when the architect drew the U I was excited for the extra cabinet space! Especially since with this renovation I am losing a couple of pantry closets in the hallway to make the kitchen wider. But, I may end up with the L after all. As of now I've got blue tape all over the floor marking the layout. Good times!

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