Dynamic blue granite

jjaazzyAugust 10, 2012

Anyone use dynamic blue? Do you have pictures? Does it read grey or blue? To me I say grey but having a light blue shirt on at the time, it was a dead match to the lighter areas in the granite. It is so hard to picture these thing in your home, under your lighting, with your cabinets, flooring, the rest of your furnishings, and horizontal rather then vertical. OMG! So if you used dynamic blue or you have personally seen it installed I would love your thoughts on it. Pictures welcome.

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Is dynamic blue the same as splash blue, AKA Bros blue? I looked hard at splash blue all over town. The one I liked the best had definite powder blue veins running through it, but it was already sold. All the rest of them had scattered light blue in a steel-bluish-gray base, with quite a bit of pinkish spots in drifts. I saw a particularly swirly piece installed on a white vanity in a showroom. It looked very dark steel blue, but I think the lights were fluorescent. Under warmer lights, it would certainly read dark gray. I think it would be wonderful with white cabs. (I chose cherry, and in the end I went with green instead.)

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I'm not real sure is the stone has aliases or not, your descriptions sounds accurate. I can't remember if I saw any pink red in the stone if I did it was at the very bare minimum, cause I usually would skip that look. Your description is encouraging me. It is the lesser cost over the other granites I have picked as contenders, and since I can't decide maybe I should just do this. We held up a mosaic pattern of black white stainless and blue and it just sung! Not that that was the mosaic I would pick but it was definitely an easier stone to work with. (((sigh))))

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