Metal cabinets like these?

pumpkinhouseAugust 23, 2013

Anyone know of a moderately priced cabinet line that can do metal cabinets like these?

I'm mostly interested in the lower cabinets that are a combination of brushed and polished metal, as well as upper cabinets made of a polished metal frame and glass panel. Not so interested in the full height glass cabinets, but would be cool if the budget allows for it.

Here is a link that might be useful: De Giulio metal boy cabinets

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Not like the cabinets you asked about, but here's a link to someone using IKEA SS drawer fronts.

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA hack

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You're not just asking for champagne on a beer budget. It's like asking for Cristal for the price of a Budweiser. :) "Moderately priced" doesn't even enter the conversation. The material costs alone prohibit that, much less the fabrication issues that stainless has. You could find a tool box manufacturer that makes stainless cabinets. Or a restaurant cabinet line. Those would be the least expensive route, but will all have their drawbacks design wise. None will be "moderately priced" unless you buy used and get creative.

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Holy crap. "High end" doesn't do it justice.

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Thanks for assuming I have a Budweiser budget. All I was asking for was a metal cabinet, which I have seen in moderate cabinet lines. Just haven't seen much of the shiny metal, that's all. High end lines can be an inspiration for beer budgets.

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4-6K per cabinet would be the inexpensive knockoff versions of Mick De Guilio's designs. His are probably double that. If they're that cheap. He only uses quality American craftsmen.

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Here's a link with pricing$14,900 for the original. Contact a fabricator/welder to est. cost to build or check out medical supply since it's stainless to attempt to emulate.

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Saint Charles was the only company I am aware of that had a fairly full line of residential metal cabinets, and Viking bought the company, complete ignored it marketing-wise and closed it a few years ago. The name was bought and it is now Saint Charles of New York, and I think it is a design-fabricate deal: they insist on controlling the whole project.

You might be able to get something through a lab-furnishings company.

I don't think you are going to find something polished in lab cabinets,I think this would be custom and not easy to find. I could probably find somebody to fabricate metal cabinets for me that could be painted or powder coated, here, but not polished. I have sometimes found fabricators for a particular item I want only to be told they aren't interested in doing one-offs in a very small number for an individual customer. I think Mick DeGuilio is in a category that he can get whatever he wants, and that it's a very small category.

Emeco offers a number of its aluminum chairs in brushed and polished, and polishing doubles the price.

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How about Cabimax? They have locations in the US, Spain, Asia, Argentina. Now idea how expensive.

This company has SS doors:

Here is a link that might be useful: SS kitchen cabinets

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I had a quote from a local metal fabrication shop that I've used for stainless counters for some aluminum framed doors for a customer. Just the outside frames, nothing else, not with glass, and non polished. They were almost 2K per door. Changing to stainless instead barely saved $100 per door.

There are some low grade non 304 grade Chinese industrial shop cabinets that can be found some places. The metal is questionable, as is the welding and hardware. Still, a 36" base cabinet goes for around 2K. For Chinese junk that will probably rust.

My Omega custom cabinet line has a couple of stainless doors available, but they won't touch stainless boxes or do custom profiles in the stainless. It was one of the 6 custom requests that they had last year that they said no to. And they don't say no to very much at all.

There just isn't a huge demand for stainless cabinets to where you have trickle down knockoffs in the market.

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I think Ernestomeda made/makes SS cabinet doors. They also have a US web site.

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