Before, after, pictures - BLUE kitchen, expresso cabinets.

uroboros5August 29, 2011

LINK to previous color scheme discussion


This was my liver-colored old kitchen.

I loathed the 1.5 sink with a PASSION. The 0.5 sink on the right was too small to serve any purpose whatsoever. The 1 sink on the left was tiny, and because the faucet was on the side, when you turned it all the way left over the 1 sink, it overhung by ONE INCH. Gah! For 20 years, I lived with this idiocy (my husband refused to let me change the sink, IT WAS STILL GOOD!). That stupid hose got a lot of use...


I am currently making a matching stained glass lampshade with some blue-gray to match the rest.

That shade won't stay.

A wall switch on the right of the windows turns on the lights above the sink AND the under-cabinet lights. I had an electrcian wire that wall switch to plugs INSIDE the cabinets. The wires go through a hole through the cabinet bottoms. I LOVE THIS. At the flick of a switch, the sink, and both sides of the counter light up!

You can see the home-made chair covers. I added twisted dark brown piping around the edge. On the back side, they are held up with velcro which is hidden by a bow (that serve a ties independently). They are also reversible - I liked this side a little better.

I kept the same appliances, the same floor tiles, the same blinds, and the same dining room set.

Below is the iridescent Hakatai Ice mosaic aglow, and the Jeffrey Alexander VALENCIA cabinet pulls, $5.50 from Interknobs. I liked those pulls so much, every pull in my house was replaced with this model, in different finishes.

I liked the handmade tiles BECAUSE the uneven grout lines caused by the slight un-squareness of the tiles themselves made it look more organic and warmer than the more regular glass tiles with rounded edges, that are too cold and overly modern for my scheme. It does put some people off; twice I've gotten unsolicited advice on how to make even grout lines... Erm... it's the tiles. I won't hide that the reaction stings a little!

The curtains. They have blue-gray leaves in the pattern.

I bought metal enamel paint and re-painted the clockface to match the tiles. allowing me to keep my old clock.

The Silgranit VisionU in TRUFFLE and its Kohler faucet. Thank you Gardenweb for introducing me to Silgranit, what a fantastic product! It always looks clean, even when it's wet. I used to wash my stainless steel sink 2-3 times a day. With this one; I rinse it weekly... ;-)

I also love the high-arc faucet. Notice how the handle isn't on the side, but in the front. My plumber suggested this, because he said that I'd bet bumping in the backs plash, getting it grungy with the handle to the side. He also said that if the faucet leaked, it would leak on the granite. Turning the handle to the front solves all these issues, a leak would drip into the sink. I thank him for the idea, I LOVE IT!

The cabinets are made in China. Total was ~18K. I decided against stained glass insets in the glass doors after all. When all is said and done, I like it simple!

Thanks everyone!

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What a great job of repurposing and adding just the right touches to compliment what you already had and loved. It was a great idea to go with the espresso cabs to match the table chairs. Looks very rich now. The lighting is a great idea. You put a LOT of thought into what you did and it shows. Congratulations. c

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Beautiful job! Love the backsplash! It's gorgeous the way they sparkle. Enjoy your new kitchen!

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My goodness, that old sink layout was crazy. You've done a beautiful job of bringing in materials and finishes that transform your space. I love the combination of your under-cabinet lights and the iridescent glass tile. Enjoy your lovely new kitchen!

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. This is definitely the type of 'blue kitchen' I could love. Of course, next to liver, an improvement was easy! Of course, you far surpassed 'just improvement.'

Love your handmade tiles and the feel they give.

As Trailrunner said, the thought you put into your selections really shows and it all works so well! It's all so elegant, but with clean lines and simplicity that lets each element shine.

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Great transformation. Love the tile backsplash. Enjoy it!

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You did a great job of selecting everything, it looks super!!!

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Very nice! Lovely rich look you have created.
Love the backsplash tile.

To people worrying that one kitchen color scheme or another will "go out of style",
here's someone with a white kitchen for "20 years" switching to dark wood. :)

Proving yet again, it's really all about what you like.
Reassuring, that. :)

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Looks fantastic! You must be thrilled!

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Looks great - that's the first truffle sink I've seen in action - congrats to you!

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I love it and I just sent the link to a friend who will love it even more.

I like the truffle a lot. My 10-year-old daughter and I were just arguing about whether our upcoming kitchen should have truffle or metallic gray sinks. She's very much in favor of the truffle (maybe it makes her think of candy!) and seeing yours may sway me. I know I shouldn't listen to a 10-year-old, but she is a mini-me and she is always right!

The backsplash is so very beautiful and I love the fabric choices, too. Great job!

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Great job!

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Beautiful transformation! I love that you took out the soffit and took the cabs all the way up. I don't have a soffit but cabs stop about a foot from the ceiling--can't wait to take them all the way up :) Your BS must sparkle at night with the lights on it! Love your truffle sink and faucet! I hope you'll post your stained glass fixture when you finish the shade--I've always been in awe of stained glass artists.

Would you please post the details of your kitchen (cabs, counter, etc.)?

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This is not what I was expecting at all when I read "blue kitchen"! I love it! You did a fabulous job!

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I remember your kitchen -- what a lovely transformation.

I can't believe the sink was mounted on the right of the old sink!

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Chocolatebunny, I guess the kitchen is a blue-gray rather than a bold blue.

It's very calm and soothing!

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It looks awesome! What a great transformation. Love the fabrics you chose for the window treatments and seat covers.

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Beautiful! You must be so relieved to have a new sink set-up! Oy. Your new sink is beautiful as is your whole kitchen! I love your sparkly backsplash that gives your kitchen just that extra WOW without going over the top.

Congratulations on your fabulous kitchen!

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What an amazing change! The backsplash brings just the perfect amount of 'sparkle' to this calm, classy and elegant kitchen. And finally having a functional (and beautiful) sink must be pure joy. Well done!

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Hooray for no more soffits! A beautiful backsplash & kitchen.

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Hit the road, liver. Make way for beautiful sparkles. How rude of someone to talk about yout grout lines like that. Lovely transformation.

And, oouuuuhhhh, truffle! Nice to see that great new color being used.

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Lovely. Really like the mosaic tile.

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Great transformation.....enjoy your lovely new space!

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I changed the bulbs to a cool white:

On the plus side it emphasizes the blue, on the minus side the under-cabinet lighting is still warm white.

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I was out of power for the week and I missed this reveal. I love it! Funny how much brighter and warmer a dark kitchen can feel than the orginal. I love the warmth of the cabs with the coolness of the backsplash. And I love the tile surrounding the window! It is elegantly lovely!

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Looks great! I love the backsplash and the fact that it goes all around the window. You did a nice job!

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That is a *lovely* kitchen. I adore the backsplash tile - *because* of the uneven grout lines. Little square tiles can look so...organized ;-), and this does look more organic.

Really lovely job. Enjoy it!

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Kohler K-596-VS
Simplice single-hole pull-down kitchen faucet, with handle swung to front rather than on the right side, Vibrant Stainless finish. I did not use the supplied escutcheon, as this was optional.

Blanco Silgranit Vision2U in truffle color.

White Rose.

Hakatai Ice Iridescent.

Maple, plywood construction. Unknown Chinese manufacture.

SICO Sketch Paper in Pearl finish - 6206-21

18K, and I installed the backsplash myself to save $800.

Edge of backsplash (I'm pointing it out because I did something a little different!). I build the edge up to the ceiling line.

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Valencia by Jeffrey Alexander, really great, and very affordable.

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It's beautiful, I love the backsplash. I don't see a dishwasher, is it hidden or do you not have one?

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For 18K budget the transformation of your kitchen is amazing.
Love the the finished result on your backsplash and such a great color. Love the idea of the concealed light switch inside the cabinet. Great job all round. Enjoy your new kitchen

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It looks lovely! The backsplash has a great sparkle! Enjoy your new kitchen!

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Your new kitchen is just wonderful. I particularly like the handmade tiles and the less-than-perfect artisanal grout lines they produce. It's those old school (pre-assembly line) touches that IMHO make a kitchen special. Enjoy!

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The dishwasher is to the left of the stove, they are nearly side by side.

I'm glad you all like the back splash; GW readers can be counted on for their sophisticated tastes ;-)

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At last! I have completed the matching stained glass lampshade.

The chandelier piece is a little too low, I've ordered a lamp part so the light cluster will be 1 inch deeper into the shade.

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