Slim Christmas Tree

nlmorejonNovember 19, 2011

I'll be decorating my mother's slim Christmas Tree next week. I did it last year and really didn't like how it turned out. People have always complimented me on my Christmas Tree decorating, but this slim tree has really got me stumped. Are there any secrets to doing it? If you have this type of tree could you post a picture of it. Thanks!

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No idea, but need them since I just purchased a prelit slim for my own home. Will be watching carefully for any advice.

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Not sure if this is the type of slim tree you're talking about. This is the tree I have in my dining room. No lights. It's decorated with all Williraye ornaments and some wooden beads. When DH and I decide to downsize to one tree, this will be it.

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Here is ours in a photo from last year. We place it in the Entry rather that move furniture so slim just works better. Really never thought about decorating it differently than any other tree. This one is pre-lit with multi-color lights.

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hmmm... i have one, but i find it no differnt to decorate. what do you think was "wrong"? perhaps too mant ornaments for a smaller tree?

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I used to have one when our LR was smaller. I finally discovered that you need to put the larger ornaments on the bottom and the smaller one's on top.

Sprays are great to make the tree appear bigger and to fill in gaps.

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we have one and decorate the same as any other

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I've only used a slim tree for years and love it. I'm so sorry I don't have a pic.

I think the key to a great tree - of any size or width - is to create depth. By this I mean layering. Hang things close to the trunk, then closer to the ends of the branches, and then garlands at the tips.

I especially like to use small 1" balls close to the trunk. These are ornaments you don't really see anyway, but the balls add color and illustrate the depth you are going for. Mirrored or reflective surfaces are very helpful as well.

Sometimes getting this effect (the depth I'm talking about) is difficult with bushy trees as they are too full to see into the the trunk of the tree. When I was still buying real trees I was always was removing branches to create holes in the tree. My MIL was horrified, but she always loved it when I was done. When I would go to the tree lot, I always asked for the Charlie Brown tree - to me they always ended up with the best finished product - as opposed to the "bloated" trees where the ornaments would be laying on the surface of the tree, as opposed to hanging from the branch.

(Sorry, I have strong opinions about trees).


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Mine is a slim style, I just 'layer' it up.


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chijim--Oooohh, aaahh, beautiful!

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chijim - what a beautiful tree, beautiful room.

I especially like the "Santa Under Glass"!


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Beautiful tree chijim! Love it.

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chijim, that tree is spectacular!

(as is the rest of your decor, Christmas and non-Christmas).

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Jim, you put us all to shame! I may have to buy more fillers!

Check out Work-in-progresses topic about curly ribbons, you may be able to help her out.

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Wow Jim, what beautiful Christmas decorations. Maybe I should have you come and do it for me : ) I got a lot of good ideas here and I thank all of you who responded.

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Oh Chijim: I was doing so well until I saw that fantastic room again. I had posted a comment previously about all your lovely dogs as I had a King Charles until yesterday. After 13 years of LOVE, I lost my little sweetheart do to a bad heart. Looking at all those pretty pictures again AND that BEAUTIFUL tree left me with memories of previous years with her. We are all so heartbroken over the loss of our special friend. If you don't have a real one yet, get yourself one of these little jewels and you will treasure him/her for life! Your place is AWESOME!

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Sorry to piggyback.

Tks for the props!

That particular tree was done a la Victorian w/dolls I bought at a midnight madness sale from a Spiegel Outlet store many yrs back and the silk flowers were from Tuesday Morning that I got during a 90% off clearance-- so they were like a nickel % and used in a vase at other times of the yr.

Kellykath -
I'm so sorry to hear of the recent loss of your beloved dog and member of your family. >>>>>
That loss is so hard on the heart.

You an see in this pic how layered my tree really gets.

Kellykath - in memory of your beloved Staff.

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Oops, sorry! This is the library tree:

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