Caesarstone Countertop Colour #'s - HELP!

chaboeyAugust 20, 2013

I am so confused...I ordered my kitchen countertops over the weekend - Caesarstone 4030 Quartz. The sample looks beautiful with my cabinets and tiles, and I am very very excited for it to be installed! My only problem is that I have now been googling "Caesarstone 4030" online (because I am obsessive about my kitchen haha) and it is coming up as 3 DIFFERENT names!

Caesarstone 4030 Pebble
Caesarstone 4030 Stone Gray
Caesarstone 4030 Oyster

What is that all about?!?!? They all look different too, which is why I am so confused and worried! The sample at the countertop showroom did not have a name, just a colour. When I google it on, it looks exactly like "Caesarstone 4030 Pebble", but the Caesarstone website only has Stone Gray on their site and what I saw doesn't really look like that. When I asked my countertop guy, he seemed a bit confused by this too, but assured me I would be getting exactly what the sample was in the showroom. He said the proper name is Stone Gray and that maybe the other names are old models??

I am just a bit worried - quartz counters are not cheap and I want to make sure we are getting what we expect!

I contacted Caesarstone and have not yet received a response (no phone # listed anywhere so had to use online form).

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I ran into a similar problem. From what I could tell, the 4030 means different colors in the Caesarstone "World" market. If it's in Europe, it is one color. In the United States, a different color. If you Google Caesarstone USA, you should get 4030 to be the pebble color. This is a light gray with just a few specs of other gray tones barely scattered as a pattern. That is what I ordered in a USA market and that is what I got despite the numbers and names not matching. If you are ordering outside the United States, it may be something different. Mine is just a month old so I don't think it is an "old" model.

Since I am having trouble matching a backsplash to this countertop with medium wood cabinets, I am curious what you have chosen for your tile. What is your backsplash or tile choice? Does it match the counters or the cabinets?

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I have a new Caesarstone brochure (picked it up from the Caesarstone facility near me this past spring. Pebble is color 4030 in the brochure. There isn't an oyster or stone gray in there.

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