Ikea Ritva curtains

SheeshareeIINovember 11, 2010

Anyone have them or know what they look like IRL?

I'm on the hunt for brown curtains for my bedroom. I really like RH belgian linen curtains but I need to find something less expensive and very importantly, machine washable.

Online the Ritva brown appear a dark chocolate brown.

Found some ebay photos and they look lighter but maybe it's just the camera flash? They're 100% cotton.

I'd like to find something not too polished and something with texture would be nice but I'm having a heck of a time.

Whatever I go with needs to be longer than 84" because I'm raising the curtain rod up.

Here's a PS with the RH curtains and the look I'm aiming for.

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Those ebay photos look a lot lighter than the Ikea picture!
Hopefully, someone will be able to tell you what they look like.
Have you checked JCPenney? They have some washable drapery panels that seem pretty nice. Your PS bedroom looks very warm with those beautiful rich color combos.

Here is a link that might be useful: JCPenney

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I have them in white so here's what I have learned:
1. They are a thin material, unlined so the light most likely will still be seen through them (I use my white ones as sheer-like curtains).
2. The lengths are inconsistent, so you may have to buy more than you think and return some of them.
3. I washed mine once and didn't notice too much shrinkage (they say to expect a small percentage).
4. The hem will not be straight on any of the sides.
5. This all bugs me, but I needed 120" curtains, can't sew and they're super cheap.

I like them, but I think I have heard of people being able to make pretty brown curtains out of burlap. I would definitely look at other options, especially if you know how to sew.

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Shee- did you check Walmart.com?

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I think I have the Ritva drapes in my MBR. I'll take a photo later and upload it. I'm not using the tie backs, and they are a deep chocolate brown, and yes, the light comes through.

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Have you looked at BB&B? They supposedly have 45 styles of 94" brown machine washables.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a search

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IKEA has a series of drapes called "Sanela", I think. They are a heavy cotton velvet and they used to come in a dark cholocate brown that I think would look amazing in your room. I don't know if they still carry them, but if not, perhaps you could find them on ebay. I think they were $60 or $70/pair - an awesome deal!

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Just checked and they do still have the Sanela curtains in dark brown -- I'll link below.

They are a very heavy cotton velvet and, while not lined, they are just as luxurious feeling on the front as the velvet curtains I've seen at Pottery Barn, etc. I do have a pair of mossy green velvet curtains from Target that are a few years old - they're unlined, and they have faded a bit from the sun, so if your window gets direct sun, you may not want to go with a dark cotton velvet like the Sanela unless you plan to line them or put a row of sheers or something behind them. But otherwise, I heartily recommend the Sanela in the dark brown - I pretty much stop to drool over them every time I'm at IKEA but I just don't have a room that needs dark brown curtains.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sanela

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I had Ritva in cream and like them.

I've seen the brown ones numerous times and they are dark just like the IKEA photo.

I would think that the darker ones offer better light control.

If you are hemming them do not worry about the uneven hem length. They ARE NOT hemmed in the traditional sense because they are specifically made for people to hem them to any desired length and they include hemming tape. The hem that they come w/ is a bound type hem.

In person I wouldn't say that they resemble Belgian Linen at all. If you want a linen look IKEA has better options but not in dark brown if I recall correctly.

I no longer have Ritva but only becuase my cats peed all over them in their old age. I did not replace them w/ Ritva because I wanted a more natural linen like look in one room and a more 'raw, unbleached' look in another. I still went back to IKEA though due to my highish ceilings and love what I got instead.

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Laurie - On my other bedding thread, Whitdobe recommended her brown Cindy Crawford curtains from JCP. They seem like a good fit and I may end up going with them but I was trying to find something with more texture.

Htnspz - Thanks for the feedback!

Lori -I did check out walmart but none are in the longer lengths.

Donna - Looking forward to seeing your picture!

Amy - I did look yesterday but saw all the 84âÂÂs and assumed they didnâÂÂt come in longer lengths for some reason. Thanks!

Lkplatow - Thanks for the suggestion. They sound really pretty!

Ttodd - Thanks for the feedback! I keep considering just saving up for the RH but I canâÂÂt get past the dryclean! ItâÂÂs not practical for me. : (

I keep going back to dyeing canvas drop cloth and found a site with info (says not to use RIT dye) but thereâÂÂs SO much info. I just want someone to tell me what to use and do and IâÂÂll do it. I wonder what coffee would do to canvas drop cloth?

Here is a link that might be useful: Puurdy RH curtains. I like the mocha and chocolate

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I wouldn't rule out dry-clean only just yet. How often do your drapes actually need cleaning? If they are just dusty, etc. you can put in the dryer on air with a damp washcloth and that will remove that. Cat hair and/or dust can also be vacuumed off.

For something machine washable something with textured may also be something that shrinks - so remember that.

You might want to check out the peyton panels at Pottery Barn. Linen/cotton blend. Not sure of the price but they have sales - RH also has some good sales.


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Caveat: I haven't hemmed these, I just tucked the bottom edge under. (blush) Also, MBR is in a state of flux as new furniture was delivered last week and I added the wrinkled sailcloth cover to the loveseat the other day. I guess I'm keeping it now because the ddog laid down to shed on it. And I wanted dh to put the rod just a little higher but he started working on it w/o asking me.

In the second photo I have the floor lamp pulled away so the curtain is more visible, please ignore the cord.

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modern life interiors


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Tina - C'mon now. I'm trying to talk myself out of them because of the $$$. :) I really think I'm going to try and dye the canvas drop cloth and see what happens. Could be a hit. :)

Donna - Thank you for posting your pics. My curtains will be stationary along the outter edges of the window during the day and pulled closed at night. I like that the light shines through.

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Hey Shee,

I know you didn't want to try the Supreme panels from Penny's because they are dry clean only. We have 2 cats, 2 dogs, 3 kids and my panels are holding up beautifully. You might like them if you check them out, can't beat the price of them, they do have texture as well. Penneys returns without issues, you can always order a slew of curtains and see what you like. Don't ask me how I know that.... :)

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I used painter drop cloths to make outdoor curtains. They worked well.

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I second the IKEA Sanela curtains - good choice lkplatow!

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modern life interiors


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Sandra - I need to get over to JCP to look at those curtains again.

Redecor - That was what I wanted to do originally but it turns out I prefer a darker brown color for this room. I've been thinking of dying them.

Lkplatow & Ttodd - I keep thinking kitty hair and velvet, kitty hair and velvet...
So they look like heavy velvet panels? Are they really full looking? I'm assuming they have some displays up showing the different curtains. ?

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Kitty hair and machine washable velvet.

Besides, it's nothing a lint brush can't take care of, right? And how often is someone going to be inspecting your curtains up close for cat hair?

yes, IKEA typically has all the curtains hung up for display, but they are on flippable racks (sort of like you'd see for the large rugs at HomeGoods or something) so you don't really get the best sense of how they'd look as a pair hung at a window.

Other random opinions you didn't really ask for: I think any sheer linen-y thing you go with is going to seem lighter than you want once the light starts shining through them. And I have never had any luck dyeing anything with RIT dye. No matter how long I leave it in, the best I can do is sort of a dirty tinge -- I've never gotten anything to dye to a dark rich color. Could just be the fact that I don't know what I'm doing, but I did follow the instructions on the box exactly and it didn't work at all like I thought it would.

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I know I read before that you aren't a big fan of grommet top, but I just bought the 95" Union Square panels from BBB in chocolate. The pictures on the site do not do justice as they appear chenille-like but aren't. The texture adds interest with a subtle check but it is nubby/irregular and the fabric has a substantial feel. They are machine wash. I have one panel hung temporarily while I wait for DH to put up new rods. If you have a BBB nearby, go have a look. I ordered mine online and they offer free return shipping so you could order and return them at no cost if you don't like them.

(I don't post often, but your bedroom is looking so nice, like your paint choices in the other thread, as well!)


Here is a link that might be useful: Union Square Panels BBB

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