Our new island

donaleenAugust 9, 2012

It's looking like an island now. It doesn't have its 24 drawer fronts yet and it doesn't have a top but it is otherwise complete (except for paint). I am pretty excited.

Here is a link that might be useful: Island

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Oh, there are no fronts on them? I was gonna say that I love them with the painted framed and wood inset drawers, lol. Actually, I do really like that!
Yeah, you're the lucky marmoleum lady, aren't you? Neat idea to put them in the drawer bottoms... let us know if that works out well or not. I'll be interested since I have a 6x6 foot piece left over for some reason.

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Yes, I am the lucky marmoleum lady. Great installation. The installer gave me tips on how to easily cut the marmoleum for my drawer bottoms. He said to score it from the back and then "break" it like glass. I added my own take and did most of the scoring with my rotary cutter. Worked great.

I know the marmoleum liners will work fine. We've used marmoleum scrap before for shelves and drawers in other locations. I feel rich when I have marmoleum scraps!

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Yeah, it kinda looks Scandinavian Modern without the drawer fronts.

Love your kitty "helping" you!

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Thanks for posting the pictures for me. I am still getting used to how this forum works...

DH used the worst parts (most knots, etc) for the drawer box fronts since they will be covered up by the actual drawer fronts. He hates how it looks with all the imperfections in the wood and will be installing the real fronts today.

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See, I love that rustic, knotty stuff. I'm kind of falling for your unfinished island, lol...

May I ask what your paint color is on the island?

Dear Lord, I feel like the yellow brick road just forked again.....

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Right now the island is just primed. It will be painted the same color as the kitchen trim which is Benjamin Moore Windham Cream. I love that color for trim. It's so warm and goes with lots of colors.

It's also appropriate for our house. True white paint wasn't available until about mid 1950's. Our house is a 1920's bungalow with some Colonial Revival influence. I have to say, it is such a great house to live in. So comfortable. Big rooms. Great layout. Lots of windows.

I think the woodwork was always painted, which I am glad of. I couldn't bear to paint unpainted woodwork, but the painted woodwork helps keep the house light in our rainy winters.

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I must be strange, but I really like the island with no drawer fronts. The wood is beautiful.

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Interesting that deedles and annsh like the island in its unfinished state. I wonder how you will feel about it when it looks more like this?

I have a question about posting photos... GW says my photos are too large so I posted a link to a photo. What do you do about that? GreenDesigns managed to post my photos. How?

Here is a link that might be useful: island design

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