Shelf liner for painted wood pantry shelves

flseadogAugust 2, 2009

Our painter has advised us (and the paint forum has confirmed) that we should wait at least 3 weeks before loading up our semi-gloss painted wood shelves in all our closets. The painter has also recommended that we use shelf liner, especially in closets where "fiber" will be in contact with the painted shelves. He said that towels, cardboard, book bindings, paper, etc. will tend to stick to even well cured paint when there is a lot of weight on the shelf. This rang a bell with me since in our old house with painted wood shelves we had a game closet with a heavy shelf load of board games and puzzles and the bottom item in the stack always sort of had to be pried up a bit if it sat in the same place for a long time.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get in touch with the painter to ask him if he has any recommendations for a shelf liner so, as always, I am turning to you. Do you line your wood shelves in the pantry? I wouldn't have anything "fiber" on my pantry shelves---usually more metal and plastic so I didn't really plan on lining these shelves but now I'm starting to rethink this. Aside from cushy cupboards do you recommend any particular product? Have you ever had a problem with liner sticking to painted shelves? And, I guess now I'll have to line the linen closet shelves so I'd appreciate suggestions for that also. TIA.

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Lifeliner, available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lifeliner

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I have a large walk-in pantry with painted shelves. I had trouble with shelf liner sticking to the paint, and curling up at the edges, so eventually I came up with a more permanent solution. I bought self-stick vinyl floor tiles with a smooth surface, and put them on the shelves. They are easy to cut and install, and very easy to clean. I liked the results so much I put them on every closet shelf in my house!

I did consider putting laminate on the shelves, but I don't have the necessary tools to cut laminate, and for a pantry the size of mine it would have been quite expensive, especially if I had to pay for installation.

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I have IKEA shelf liner and it's pretty good. Nice and thick, only problem is the corners curl since it was rolled up when I bought it. If I had a working kitchen sink I'd try and soak it in some hot water to get rid of the curling, but that'll have to wait.

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Thank you, all. Bed, Bath and Beyond is nearly everywhere so I can check that out in person. IKEA, however, is far away and I do love to see things in person before buying so that won't work for me. Although I have used the self stick vinyl tiles with great success when I wanted to hide an existing surface I'm very hesitant to put anything I consider so permanent on my beautiful new shelves. Anyone else?

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Sherwin William told me you need to go with Satin instead of Semigloss. You wont have the sticky issue with Satin, but do need to wait 30 days for the paint to totally cure.

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I have Cushy cupboards on my painted shelves and it works great. It lays flat, any spill cleans up easily and it looks great. I can't recommend it strongly enough.

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I also have Cushy cupboard liners in all my cupboards and love them.

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I want to shout a big "Hurray" for the best shelf liner EVER - Cushy Cupboards. It's not only wonderful on painted surfaces, it's a dream to maintain. All you need is a wet cloth to wipe away any dirt or crumbs and it looks fabulous. Try this shelf liner once and you will want it on every shelf in your home.

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