window sills what did you use

robinleAugust 2, 2013

We remodeled a whole house.It was a 1960's house. They are just finishing up putting the smooth finish on the new wallboards. The window will start going in today. The new cabinets will be coming soon so I went to check to see how things are progressing and noticed they still have the old marble chipped window sills. I just found out they had planned on keeping them. So now we are going to be taking them out of the rooms except the bedrooms. What do people use for window sills. The kitchen and dining area is all one big room with 3 windows and it is open to the living room with 2 big windows. Do I try to match the granite counter tops? Should I have quartz window sills to match the island counter or get new marble window sills? Can you tell me what you did for your window sills. The counter is a dark granite and the island counter will be a lighter gold color. Please let me know what you would suggest for me to use and also what you used. Thank you for all your help.

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Our window sills are just wood. They are curved on the edge that sticks out. Most of our windows also have old house

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We simply used a leftover piece of baseboard that was used around our island. Just cut it to size and touched up the ends with matching stain. Simple and it matches the cabinets.

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In the kitchen I used soapstone. I wanted a deep sill

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We used a piece of our soapstone as well...but it had to be thinned to 3/4" I think.

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Connie K

Our entire house has window windowsills, but since the kitchen sill was stained cherry wood to match the cabinets, it became damaged when I left tomatoes there to ripen.

When we redo our kitchen, I want to use a hard surface for the windowsill, whatever we choose for our countertops, or perhaps tile we will use for the backsplash. But they need to be durable, IMO.

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I would not match the counters, whether it is granite or quartz. I would use a marble, quartz, or solid surfacing material that is neutral in color. If you can find something similar to the bedrooms, I would do that. Matching the kitchen would be fine if it were only the kitchen window, but since it's other windows throughout the house, in my opinion it is better to keep them all uniform.

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