Kitchen Layout Advice please

beechtreelaneAugust 5, 2014

Long time reader, First time poster. Looking for some help with our kitchen layout. We are taking out the upper part of wall (#6) in this layout. In this current layout the range would be next to the breakfast bar. Not ideal - but liveable.
Recently a designer has proposed moving:
Fridge to wall #10 (right)
Range to Wall #4 (bottom)
Sink to half Wall #6 (top overlooking breakfast bar and DR/LR).
This would move the work triangle over - Utilizing the far wall as part of the working kitchen - rather than a run of cabinets. This feels better to us - but we're just not sure about distance between fridge and counters.
(FYI - The room is just a little too small for an island)
Any ideas are much appreciated. I have more pictures and layout view - but didn't want to post too much in the beginning. Thanks so much to everyone!!!

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What are the dimensions of the room? I can't see the measurements

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Sorry it's small. Wish I had a better/simpler layout. It's 16.5' across and 12 feet top to bottom.

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Draw it out on graph paper.

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Moving the fridge to the right does make it a bit of a walk, yes. Personally I feel it might be worth it, but you have to make that call for yourself. NKBA guidelines state that the triangle between kitchen, range and sink the three legs "should total no more than 26' with no single leg of the triangle measuring less than 4 feet nor more than 9 feet." I think you can fit an island and explain why below; perhaps you could put under-counter fridge drawers somewhere in the island for oft-used items :)

Anyway, you have plenty of room for an island if you do put the fridge on the right wall, and have NO cabinetry on the bottom wall. The fridge should be at the very top of that right wall, mind, so that the sink-range-fridge path clears the island for the most part. Put pantry cabinets or additional counters on the rest of that wall - full depth, if the traffic coming through that entry at the bottom right allows. The MW should go next to the fridge, actually, as most things the MW is used for come out of the fridge. Anyway, you then leave the sink and range as is from your posted layout, or swap their locations - if you prefer. I personally would prefer to have the sink on the breakfast bar instead of the range.

With these layouts, you can have a 66"x27" (no seating) island with 45.75" aisles top and bottom, or a 66"x40.5" (including 15" overhang for seating) with 39" aisles top and bottom (this is tight, especially if traffic passes behind the people sitting at the island). Or, you could keep the 27" depth AND have seating if you have no cabinetry under the island - counter and legs only. Or you could make the island 28.5" and have 12" deep cabinets with 15" overhang for seating - you have options.

With that 66" long island, I've allowed for 48" aisles left and right. However, I'd personally reduce the left aisle by at least 6", or potentially even up to 12", and give that to the island. How narrow you make the island depends on how many butts you've got in this kitchen ;)

This was an easy one. I feel like your KD is very silly, or I missed something...

Here is a link that might be useful: NKBA Guidelines, Illustrated

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Here is a crude drawing of mine. Apologies. Hope this helps. Tracie - thank you so much for the ideas. I'm going to re-read and process that. Much appreciated!!!!

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