Where did I put that?

annkh_ndAugust 21, 2013

I'm in the process of moving back into my kitchen. I don't have counters or plumbing yet, but at least I moved the fridge from the living room to the kitchen!

Yesterday I had great fun building my silverware drawer organizer with Lee Valley brackets. It went smoothly, and I am working on the layout for the utensil drawer.

This morning I wanted to hang the blinds over my patio door. I took them off prior to painting, and haven't gotten around to putting them back. But I can't find the brackets anywhere! I was pretty organized with most things - the electrical panel cover for the DW was in the file cabinet, with the DW manual (I was pleased that I remembered where it was, when the electrician asked yesterday). But these brackets? Not a clue.

I blame DH - I seem to remember him taking them down, but he doesn't know where they are either. Oh, and I can't find my pizza stone, though there's one box I haven't emptied yet (it might be on the bottom).

Ah, the joys of remodeling!

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I know exactly what you mean. We are kind of sort of done with the kitchen (not really, but it's functional), moving walls, and two bathroom remodels. We also recently, finally bought a tool chest for DH.

Oh, the things I found when I cleaned out the linen closet of all the tools and painting supplies, so that it could finally be a linen closet again. I found missing door hardware, window hardware, binoculars, a tray I'd made in middle school wood shop... :)

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Holly- Kay

My kitchen reno has been finished except for bs and paint for over a month and I still have at least 4 huge plastic bins that are still full to the brim that needs to be put away. I work all week and in the summer we have most weekends filled with commitments. I can't wait to get this stuff put away. I can't find my cookie racks!

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annkh-are you the kind to put door brackets in a plastic sandwich bag and tape them to something or label and put in a "catch all" box?

Sometimes if i think back on how I secured them I can come up with where I most likely put them. Often I put brackets, rods, screws, hooks near the items going back up or in a separate labeled shoe box.

It's easy to forget one's system though...

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I typically am pretty organized, but I completely dropped the ball this time. I have looked in every logical place and a few illogical ones, to no avail. The first place I looked for dishwasher parts was in the DW.

I bought new brackets - it was that, or haul the blinds back downstairs to my son's room.

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Your post made me laugh. We have been almost done with our kitchen for a few weeks and still have several boxes left to be unpacked. It feels good to have most of it put away but every once in a while, I can't find something. Then, I wonder, did it end up in the donation pile by mistake or is it in one those boxes?

Anyway, glad to know I'm not alone in this :)

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It's been almost three years since we finished our remodel and I still don't know where some things are. I did get rid of a lot of things, so if I can't find something, I assume I got rid of it. Not always true.

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I found the stupid brackets! I had a set of metal shelves in the dining room, that served as temporary kitchen storage, including plastic cups. I had put the brackets in one of the cups, and it tipped over backwards, so I couldn't see that there was anything in it. It was actually a logical place, in terms of being near point of use.

Funny thing is, I've moved almost everything off the shelves and into the new cabinets. If I had simply finished that job yesterday, instead of roaming around looking for stupid brackets (or worse, going out to buy new ones), I would have found them!

Oh well, now I have spares.

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Ha! At least you found them and near point of use.

Better than thinking you're loosing it, a somewhat common sensation as one finds themselves meandering around for "where did I put that" and mumbling...

I like you're reveal photos btw. Very lovely kitchen in-the-making!

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The story of my life: the fastest way to find something is to buy its replacement.

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I can sympathize. My fridge is my living room right now too. I have to admit I'm growing rather fond of it being 3ft from the sofa. Very convenient! We moved into this house last Sept and never fully unpacked the kitchen because we knew that we would be gutting it. We have boxes from just a few months ago, plus the boxes we never opened last year. I don't even know what I own at this point. It will be like Christmas when we finally unpack everything. We will hopefully get the plumbing done and the new refrigerator in this weekend. Then next week we can focus on unpacking everything. Can't wait until this remodel is over.

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